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The LED-BTC is a traditional 4 wire led controller. The LED-BTCD is 3 wire digital. In 99% of cases, you need the LED-BTC as 97% of our products are designed for use with it specifically.

On most speakers, the positive is marked by a red dot, a " + " symbol, or has a capacitor attached.

Pro audio is a set of speakers that require high power and each speaker has it's own frequency characteristics that when combined with other pro audio speakers come to a delightful full range of high powered competition sound.

Coaxial speakers are great for if you do not have room for pro audio. Coaxial speakers are generally lower power and produce less sound but we here at DS18 also have high powered coaxial speakers like the ZT series.

Yes! A correctly tuned pro audio setup will always be the loudest because you are using more power, more cone area, and more precise frequency tuning than any coaxial or full range speaker can give.

A full range pro audio is designed to fit the widest frequency band that the speaker can handle to minimize the need to use multiple speakers to full up that specific range. Full range speaker are loud and sound great and are perfect for people that don’t want to add multiple sized speakers to their setup.

Lowpass is for bass tuning and highpass if for midrange and tweeter tuning.

Tuning is extremely important and must be done right. This is where most problems stem from is improper tuning. Your gains must be set using ohms law or with a tuning device like an oscilloscope. Using these methods will ensure long life.

NO! Using the gain as a volume knob and not knowing your input and output voltages will damage your amplifier and speakers! This is not covered under warranty. Use ohms law, a tuning device, or professional installer to ensure longevity of your investment.

Clipping is distortion. Distortion can and will destroy your speakers and amplifier. Clipping is a signal sent by the amp to your speakers that is caused by improper tuning and creates x10 the heat the coils in the speakers are made for, thus blowing your speakers. This can happen in a matter of minutes to months depending on the level of clipping you are introducing. Your goal will be to have and audio system to has zero clipping.

No! By the time you can audibly hear distortion, you are way past the point of clipping and need a tuning device to have precise tuning.