DS18 is a leading electronics manufacturer that focuses on professional audio equipment for all vehicles. Our products are designed and engineered in the USA: and, we have access to multiple factories in Korea, Brazil, and China, with select items assembled here in the USA. We are headquartered in Miami, FL, and are one of the fastest-growing companies in the area. Our company creates more than 200 unique pieces of professional-grade audio equipment every year. These products are distributed both nationally and internationally, with international distribution channels reaching more than 89 countries. Our consistency and dedication to our craft have netted us revenue growth levels of 300 percent over the last 3 years. We specialize in the professional development of speakers, receivers, amplifiers, components, and a plethora of other products for car audio and home audio systems.

Our Attitude

We like it LOUD! At DS18, we are determined and confident, driven by action, with the desire to forge a better lifestyle together. We see the world of sound and the culture it’s developed as an opportunity for growth and unification.


At DS18 our core value is passion. The passion our employees put into their work allows many of our other values: like respect; teamwork; and pride to shine through.


Use sound to improve the lifestyle of people everywhere and inspire them to join our search for high fidelity.


To manufacture sound products at their highest grade for all vehicles, and push the limitations of high fidelity. We work daily to revolutionize sound equipment development and offer a sophisticated and modern product line that sets the industry standard.


To reach all corners of the world, and to be recognized as a powerhouse in the industry, bringing high quality products to all our customers.



Spirit LLC is created
to distribute mobile
in South Florida.


Spirit LLC moves from
a self-storage to its
first 2000 ft² warehouse
and hires its first


Spirit LLC moves to a
15,000 ft² facility with
a 20-person team.


DS18 is created and
its first line of car
amplifiers is made.


Spirit LLC stops
distributing other
brands and focuses
100% on DS18.


DS18 moves to a
35,000 ft² facility.

DS18 is officially sold
in all USA and 30
countries worldwide.


DS18 enters the Marine
and Off-Road market.


DS18 grows to a
40-person team.

DS18 hits 10 million
dollars in yearly sales.


DS18 enters the Jeep
market and starts
producing special
parts for the JK model.


DS18 expands to a
65,000 ft² facility and
grows to a 60-person


DS18 holds over 20 Best
Seller products in their
Amazon category.

DS18 is officially sold in
over 100 states and
countries hitting over
45 Million dollars in
yearly sales.


DS18 makes the
Inc. 5000 list ranking
in spot #2001.


Tint World Brand
Ambassador in 2021

Inc. 5000 Rank
#2001 in 2022