DS18’s Epic Takeover of Audiocar Guadalajara

DS18’s Epic Takeover of Audiocar Guadalajara

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In Mexico, there is one name that stands above the rest - Audiocar Guadalajara. For years, they have been the go-to destination for car and audio enthusiasts looking for what’s hot in the industry. This year a new player has entered the scene, ready to disrupt the market and take the industry by storm. That player is DS18.

Prepare to be swept into the sonic storm led by Audiocar Guadalajara, recognized as Mexico’s premier exhibition. Distinguished by its leadership, rich history, and unparalleled experience, it serves as the arena where industry titans execute market strategies alongside wholesale distributors and qualified clients. All this unfolding at the ultimate setting, Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara.

DS18 has recently started making their impact on the Mexican Car Audio Industry: but, it’s been nothing short of radical. Our innovative audio solutions, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in car audio, have quickly gained us a reputation as a disruptive force in the industry. Our mission is simple - provide all enthusiasts with the best sound experience possible.

Taking Over – One Note At A Time

Audiocar Guadalajara was nothing short of spectacular. From the moment you walked through the doors, you could feel the energy in the air. The event was filled with jaw-dropping displays of DS18's products, live demonstrations, and thrilling giveaways. Attendees had the opportunity to experience the LOUD factor firsthand.

At the heart of our epic takeover at Audiocar Guadalajara was the debut of "La Chulada" – a RAM Promaster packed with a powerhouse lineup of DS18 products, all paying homage to the essence of Mexico!

The LOUDEST components that rocked the show and left a resounding impact were:

  1. PRO-HP102 2" Throat Bolt On 35 degrees 4.84" Depth Plastic Horn - Chrome Gold: Unleashing crisp and powerful highs, this chrome gold horn added a touch of elegance to the sonic spectacle.
  2. 4x 12XL1500MB-4 PRO CL 12" Mid-Bass Loudspeaker 750W RMS 4-Ohm: These 12" Mid-Bass Loudspeakers added a dynamic midrange punch, ensuring every note reverberated with clarity and intensity.
  3. MX Digital Bass Processor Mexico Design: Amplifying the low-end frequencies with precision, this Mexico-designed bass processor ensured a ground-shaking audio experience.
  4. 4x HOOL-X15.4DSPL Hooligan X 15" SPL Fiber Glass Cone Subwoofer 4000W RMS 4" DVC 4-OHM: These Hooligan X subwoofers, with their fiberglass cone and colossal power, transformed "La Chulada" into a bass beast that commanded attention.
  5. 5x FRP-3.5K Full-Range Class D 1-Channel Amplifier 3500W RMS@ 1-Ohm: The Full-Range Class D amplifiers, bathed in fiery red, were the driving force behind the relentless power, delivering an awe-inspiring 3500W RMS at 1-Ohm.

The entire Hard Rock Guadalajara felt the pulse of "La Chulada" as it roared to life, showcasing DS18 products and bringing the spirit of Mexico to every corner of the exhibition. This RAM Promaster, filled exclusively with DS18 gear, was a tribute to our home away from home in Mexico!

The LOUD factor

One of the key elements that sets DS18 apart from the competition is our signature LOUD factor. DS18's products are designed to deliver an immersive audio experience that is unparalleled in the industry. From deep bass to crystal-clear highs, every note is delivered with precision and power. The LOUD factor has captured the hearts of enthusiasts across the world.

DS18's takeover of Audiocar Guadalajara is just the beginning of our success in Mexico. Since our entry into the market, we have quickly gained a strong foothold and built a loyal customer base. Our products can now be found in car audio shops across the country, and we continue to grow. Looking ahead, DS18 has ambitious plans for expansion, with sights set on dominating the car audio industry not just in Mexico, but worldwide.

The future of car audio in Mexico

DS18's takeover of Audiocar Guadalajara was nothing short of epic. It showcased our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in car audio and our determination to provide enthusiasts with the best audio experience possible. The event generated excitement, attracted new customers, and reignited the passion of existing ones. As we continue to expand our presence in Mexico and beyond, the future of car audio in Mexico looks brighter than ever.

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