Highlights From DS18's Orange Beach Invasion!

Highlights From DS18's Orange Beach Invasion!

#TEAMDS18 took over Orange Beach Invasion, the mecca for those who live and breathe custom rides! Held at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama, Orange Beach Invasion is a battleground where creativity meets horsepower.

But this isn't just about the machines—it's about the people behind them. Here, you'll rub elbows with the rebels, the renegades, and the rule-breakers in car audio. Share tales of window breaking booms, swap secrets of the trade, and forge bonds with fellow gearheads who understand the true meaning of getting LOUD!

The Wharf

Situated right outside of Orange Beach, Alabama, The Wharf is the apex of luxury and leisure in the Heart of Dixie. Featuring an array of high-end stores, pulsating bars, gourmet restaurants, and even entertainment options like a movie theater, arcades, and a gigantic ferris wheel.

Orange Beach Invasion transforms this chic hotspot into a playground for the boldest automotive enthusiasts and their builds. Against the backdrop of Portage Creek, the roaring engines and gleaming chrome of custom cars, trucks, and bikes take center stage.

Highlights of Orange Beach Invasion

Orange Beach Invasion was a pulsating showcase of automotive prowess, drawing enthusiasts and families alike to revel in the spectacle of customized vehicles. DS18’s presence was outstanding. From trucks to jeeps, side by sides, and even Harley bikes, with their products decorating the best builds and amplifying the experience with LOUD music blasting from all our speakers.

The family-friendly atmosphere allowed onlookers of every age to take part in the excitement. It really felt like a community, people from all backgrounds joined to celebrate their shared passion for automotive artistry.

The adrenaline rush was palpable as customized vehicles roared to life, igniting the pavement with displays of power and precision. Each moment was electrifying.

At the heart of Orange Beach Invasion lay an automotive showcase like no other. Attendees had the privilege to explore each customized vehicle, from meticulously restored classics to the more experimental builds. Each vehicle was super creative. It was an immersive experience, where enthusiasts could glean insights from industry leaders, gather ideas for their own projects, and bask in the ingenuity of the custom car community.

Best memories

Among the unforgettable highlights of Orange Beach Invasion is Team DS18's remarkable achievements. Not only did we clinch the coveted title of Best Vendor Display, but we also secured two top 100 positions in the events that unfolded. Our presence resonated throughout the venue, epitomizing excellence in both product representation and performance.

Start planning your epic adventure at Orange Beach Invasion and join the #TEAMDS18 community

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