Highlights from the Atlantic City Truck Meet: #TEAMDS18's Victory

Highlights from the Atlantic City Truck Meet: #TEAMDS18's Victory

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The highly promoted, highly anticipated, and always high energy Atlantic City Truck Meet was the best it’s ever been. Every year's show tops the last, but this year, during the intense Sound Offs, and Burnout Wars, #TEAMDS18 experienced a defining moment. At Bader Field in Atlantic City New Jersey, #TEAMDS18, secured a monumental victory.

The One and Only

The Atlantic City Truck Meet is the premier gathering for truckers in the Northeast. Spanning over two days, this event promises an adrenaline pumping weekend filled with trucks, contests, and EXTREMELY LOUD Audio. This event includes nonstop truck shows and competitions but also live demonstrations of the LOUDEST vehicles, vendor displays from some of the biggest names in trucking, and activities geared towards every type of enthusiast. The Atlantic City Truck Meet provides a perfect platform for truck owners to demonstrate their custom modifications, insane sound systems, and their passion and dedication to the trucking community.


Vendor Displays

At Vendor Row, attendees had the opportunity to engage with manufacturers directly and explore aftermarket truck parts, accessories, and technological advancements. Our booth was insane! We had the Big Bad Wolf inflatable standing right beside our trailer filled with the latest and greatest from #TEAMDS18! Demo vehicles were lined up or flexed out in front of the trailer so attendees could get a taste of the products in action!

Here’s some of the vehicles we had in tow at Atlantic City:

The Big Bad Wolf!

After its epic return at Jeep Beach 2024, the "Big Bad Wolf," a 2014 JK/JKU Jeep has been tearing up shows across the country. This classic DS18 powerhouse kept the Atlantic City Truck Meet jamming thanks to DS18’s LOUDEST JK Jeep Audio products. Not to mention, the upgraded stunt wall that was doing hair tricks for days. The Big Bad Wolf sets the bar, and all other builds just fall under it.

Mr. DS18’s Exotika

Anything but ordinary, Mr. DS18’s EXOTICA stole the show at this year's Atlantic City Truck Meet! Sitting on 30 inch Fittipaldis, the custom green and pink wrapped Exotica is practically the worldwide symbol for getting LOUD!

Fully built for all purposes, Mr. DS18’s Jeep Gladiator, ‘Exotica’, features four EXL-X12 Subwoofers, and a stunt wall with two of the powerful PRO-XLNEO12 Mid-Bass Loudspeakers, and screaming PRO-DRNCOAX’s makes this vehicle the LOUDEST at the meet every year!

#TEAMDS18's Strategy

Team Preparation

Our journey to the Atlantic City Truck Meet 2024 began with rigorous preparations. We dedicated countless hours at headquarters, focusing on every detail of our trucks.

All of #TEAMDS18 was instrumental, working tirelessly on the tuning and playlist for the show. Once the systems were ready to go, we had to load them up on our trailers. Kenny and Profe got that done in no time. Once everything was loaded, we had three trailers all headed towards New Jersey!

Performance During the Event

At the event, the clean and organized setup allowed us to execute our plans smoothly. Once at the show, we had Hery on processing duty, tuning the demonstrations in real time. The crowd around our display never stopped moving and almost every person who came by asked what we were running.

Nothing but DS18 baby, cause #WeLikeItLOUD!

#TEAMDS18's Journey to Victory

Preparations and Enhancements

Our journey to victory began with a thorough focus on preparations. We dedicated ourselves to enhancing every aspect of our trucks, ensuring they were not only visually striking but also performance-ready.

Key modifications included the introduction of the Big Bad Wolf’s new custom stunt wall crafted by the expert minds at RCH Auto Sale, which significantly improved the overall thump and sound quality. Additionally, custom lighting and special bumpers were integrated, elevating both functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring the Big Bad Wolf stood out in every competition.

Overcoming Challenges

The road to victory was not without its challenges: but, thanks to the relentless effort and coordination of our team, we managed to overcome every single one just in time for the event. Atlantic City Truck Meet tested our resolve and highlighted the team's expertise and dedication, factors that were crucial in navigating through the intense competition at the Atlantic City Truck Meet 2024.

The Impact of the Win

Fan Reactions

When it was all said and done, Mr. DS18’s Exotika took home the Best Sound Award at the 2024 Atlantic City Truck Meet. We witnessed an outpouring of support on social media, where fans shared their excitement and pride in our triumph. Their enthusiastic comments and posts not only celebrated our success but also spread the word about the superior quality and performance of DS18 products.

Future Plans

Lifted by our recent victory, we are more energized than ever to push the boundaries of audio in the trucking community. We have several innovative projects in the pipeline, aimed at setting new standards in the audio industry. Our team is already gearing up for the next series of events where we plan to showcase our latest advancements and continue to lead the world in all things audio. This win has reinforced our commitment to excellence and our resolve to maintain our leadership in the market.

Experience the Award-Winning Sound for Yourself!

Ready to elevate your audio game to gold-medal standards? Discover the cutting-edge technology and unbeatable performance of DS18’s award-winning sound systems. Explore our New Arrivals, or find a dealer near you and feel the DS18 Difference firsthand!

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