This warranty covers:

Covers any defects in materials and workmanship and warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable. This warranty is also only valid if the original purchase was made from an authorized DS18 dealer.


How long is my DS18 warranty coverage?

This warranty covers 2 years from the date of the purchase.


Not covered in warranty:

This warranty does not cover the cost for removal and reinstallation of any kind. Additionally, shipping to DS18 is covered by the purchaser.
This warranty is void and inapplicable DS18 deems that the product was abused or misused; including but not limited to Speaker product that has been improperly-powered, causing thermal coil failure and/or mechanical failure, damage caused by accident, mishandling, improper installation, negligence, normal wear and tear, excessive water or heat damage, and freight damage. (The warranty is not transferable and will not apply to products purchased from unauthorized dealers.) DS18 is not responsible for any damages to a consumer's vehicle or person from a product failure.
The warranty is void if DS18 deems the product was installed or used improperly. DS18 shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages. 


The Warranty procedure.

DS18 will repair any part of your product that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. In the event repair is not possible, DS18 will replace the product in question.
If it is deemed necessary DS18 will either replace the entire product with a refurbished unit or it will be replaced with a model that is similar in price if that model is no longer available. The cost of shipping to the consumer is covered under this warranty.


How do I start my warranty?

DS18 either by phone at 305-928-8734 or by email at support@ds18.com. A service representative will assist you in the necessary actions to verify that the problem that you are experiencing is covered under warranty.
If it is in fact a warranty issue, DS18 will issue an RA number and give instructions on sending the product in for evaluation.


Returns & refund

DS18 wants you to be satisfied with your purchase. In the case the product you purchased from us is damaged during shipping, fails before the end of our two-years warranty period, or you simply want to return it, email support@ds18.com to get an RMA for return.
We cannot accept returned items to our facility without an RMA issued.

DS18 has a 30-day calendar return policy, if the product is open, we will work with you but product should be complete with all packaging and manuals intact to avoid a 20% restocking fee.



Q: What if the items received are Dead on Arrival? (DOA)

A: For items DOA, please contact us immediately at support@ds18.com

Q: I have returned my products, why haven’t I received my refund?

A: For refund status please contact us at customerservice@ds18.com or call to Warranty / Returns: (305) 239-5672.

Q: I have sent in my product for repair, what is the status?

A: For information on repairs please contact customerservice@ds18.com

Q: I have a technical question!

A: Feel free to contact us M-Thurs from 8am-5pm and Fridays 8am-3pm. You can always email support@ds18.com or chat with us! Messages will be answered in the order they were received.

Q: I need to send an item in for a refund.

A: Please contact support@ds18.com to start any refunds.

Q: I need to send an Item in for warranty.

A: Our warranty provides two years (from purchase date) protection against manufacturer defects. This does not include blown, damaged, misused, or incorrectly installed items. Please contact support@ds18.com to start any warranty claims

Q: How do I check status of my refund or return?

A: All warranty status updates or inquiries need to be sent to warranty@ds18.com or alternatively contact at Warranty / Returns: (305) 239-5672, or to our customer Support Dept at: customerservice@ds18.com.

Q: What is the difference between the LED-BTC and LED- BTCD? (dream)

A: The LED-BTC is a traditional 4 wire led controller. The LED-BTCD is 3 wire digital. In 99% of cases, you need the LED-BTC as 97% of our products are designed for use with it specifically.

Q: Which terminal is power?

A: On most speakers, the positive is marked by a red dot, a " + " symbol, or has a capacitor attached.

Q: What is DS18 Pro Audio?

A: DS18 Pro Audio is a set of speakers that require high power and each speaker has it's own frequency characteristics that when combined with other Pro Audio speakers come to a delightful full range of high powered competition sound.

Q: What are Coaxial speakers good for?

A: DS18 Coaxial speakers are great for if you do not have room for DS18 Pro Audio. Coaxial speakers are generally lower power and produce less sound but we here at DS18, also have high powered coaxial speakers like the ZT series.

Q: Is DS18 Pro Audio louder?

A: Yes! A correctly tuned DS18 Pro Audio setup will always be the loudest because you are using more power, more cone area, and more precise frequency tuning than any coaxial or full range speaker can give.

Q: What is a full range DS18 Pro Audio speaker?

A: A full range DS18 Pro Audio is designed to fit the widest frequency band that the speaker can handle to minimize the need to use multiple speakers to full up that specific range. Full range speaker are loud and sound great and are perfect for people that don’t want to add multiple sized speakers to their setup.

Q: What are highpass and lowpass filters?

A: Lowpass is for bass tuning and highpass if for midrange and tweeter tuning.

Q: How do I tune my amp?

A: Tuning is extremely important and must be done right. This is where most problems stem from is improper tuning. Your gains must be set using ohms law or with a tuning device like an oscilloscope. Using these methods will ensure long life.

Q: When tuning can I just use the amplifier gain knob as a  volume knob?

A: NO! Using the gain as a volume knob and not knowing your input and output voltages will damage your amplifier and speakers! This is not covered under warranty. Use ohms law, a tuning device, or professional installer to ensure longevity of your investment.

Q: What is clipping?

A: Clipping is distortion. Distortion can and will destroy your speakers and amplifier. Clipping is a signal sent by the amp to your speakers that is caused by improper tuning and creates x10 the heat the coils in the speakers are made for, thus blowing your speakers. This can happen in a matter of minutes to months depending on the level of clipping you are introducing. Your goal will be to have and audio system to has zero clipping.

Q: Can I hear distortion and just set my amp right below where I can audibly make out the distortion being played?

A: No! By the time you can audibly hear distortion, you are way past the point of clipping and need a tuning device to have precise tuning.

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Experience the Excitement: DS18 at Jeep Beach 2024 in Daytona

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An Exclusive Look Inside Mr. DS18's Masterclass on Marine and Powersports Audio

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Highlights From DS18's Orange Beach Invasion!

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#TEAMDS18 Strikes Gold at Baggers Audio Competition

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DS18's Epic Adventure at Bike Week Daytona!

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DS18 Dominates Cabbage Patch

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DS18’s Epic Takeover of Audiocar Guadalajara

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2024 Tint World Expo in the Bahamas

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Home Sweet Home – DS18’s Epic Return to the MCMShow

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How DS18 Secured The Best Audio Award At This Year’s South Florida Car and Truck Fest

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DS18 Takes SEMA 2023 by Storm

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