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DS18 is known for the in-your-face audio everyone is looking for! We are one of the only manufacturers that has absolutely everything you can think of for car, marine, ATV, and now The Zumba Loud line of home audio PA speakers. With DS18 you will have access to everything you would could possibly think of to equip any vehicle without having to mix and match different distributors equipment because we have it all. Not only do we emphasize on continuing our innovative lines of products, we have amazing support to go along with them.

What does it mean to be with the DS18 family?

Not only do we strive to bring consumers the latest and up to date products, we also have fast shipping, products in stock, and friendly staff to help you along with purchases and answer any questions you may have along the way. Our staff has decades of experience behind the products you sell, not only troubleshooting but general knowledge of the industry that is much higher than the rest so we can better assist you in what the public is wanting most.
Becoming a DS18 dealer will let the public know that you are really into the varieties that audio enthusiasts really want. If you can impress them enough to make it into their daily vehicle, be sure that they will want it in all their recreational vehicles as well, which we also carry an abundance of parts for with many options to choose from.

DS18 is the Best Team and Best Family

Having amazing products is one thing but you also need the support for those products as well. We have a very large staff that is here to help you as a dealer with questions about product, installs, and pricing along with expedited shipping times. We take the extra time to make sure you and your customers know exactly what you are wanting and how to get to your goals. It is VERY important to us you feel comfortable with DS18 enough to call us family because as a dealer you are part of us and we want to maintain an amazing relationship with you.

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