Upgrading your Jeep Audio with DS18

Upgrading your Jeep Audio with DS18

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As one of the leaders in sound equipment manufacturing, the experts at DS18 have made it our duty to furnish all vehicles with high-fidelity equipment.

Jeeping Season is upon us, and we want to supply your high-quality rig with professional quality sound.

At DS18, we believe your Jeep deserves an audio system that delivers high fidelity wherever you’re wheeling it to.

We provide several audio products for JK Jeep models (Jeep Wrangler Models produced during 2007 and before 2019) that add an earth-shattering force-field to whatever armor your Jeep is decorated with.


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Most of our equipment requires a bit of wrenching: but these installations shouldn’t put any more grease under your nail, especially if you’re used to having a tool in your hand.

Replacing the main speakers in your JK Jeep unit is no easy task. It shouldn’t be too hard if you have even the slightest experience with upgrading audio kits, it’s just that the work is tedious, and the steps seem to be unending. 

The tweeters in Jeep JK units are either enclosed in pods on the dashboard nearest the A-Pillars (the roof pillars that straddle the windshield) or enclosed in the ceiling directly above the A-Pillars. Within this enclosure are pods that measure out to 3.5” and they hold the factory tweeters that you’re vehicle came with.

The tweeters we found that work best with all JK units are the DS18 ZXI-T1 PEI Dome Tweeters.


DS18 Jeep Replacement Audio Soundbar


They come enclosed in their own high mechanical strength plastic dome. The 1” aluminum voice coil enhances volume to an extreme level and delivers amazing crisp highs to complement your mid and low range frequencies.

They can also be run on factory radio power. These tweeters are great for someone looking to fill out their frequency range effortlessly. 

Getting to your knee panel speakers can prove to be a difficult task. This panel is either installed directly into your door or hangs from your dashboard and extends itself towards your dead pedal. Upgrading the speakers inside of this panel will probably require an entire afternoon of your time.

However, if you are patient and thorough the results will last as long as your vehicle does.

Once you reach these speakers, we recommend replacing them with the DS18 PRO-NS6.4 Mid-Ranges.

Neodymium speakers are usually full-sized and take up a large amount of mounting depth. Our Neodymium shallow speakers are designed to give you maximum loudness in a nice small-framed package.

These 6.5” neodymium speakers have a 1.5” voice coil and take 150W RMS and 300W MAX, so it takes nothing for these speakers to turn up. 

The JK Jeep models have their subwoofers sited in an enclosure on the passenger’s side of the cargo area. Removing them from this enclosure shouldn’t be too difficult, but you could have to drill new holes to mount your newest speakers.

The perfect replacement for these factory speakers is the DS18 ZR12.4D.

The ZR is a great entry-level subwoofer that both handles great power and gives you smooth clean bass. These subs work great in both sealed and ported boxes giving you many options for placement in any vehicle.

If you’re looking to make this upgrade a bit simpler you can buy one of our specially loaded Sound Bar Packages personalized for Jeep JK/JKU Models. This Package is made from a highly durable mold-injected plastic enclosure that fits right on JK/JKU Jeeps Headliners.

The enclosure is sold fully loaded with four of DS18’s high-quality HYDRO 8" speakers, four of DS18’s PRO-TW4L pitch-perfect Bullet Tweeters, and two of the new DS18’s PRO-DRNSC1.5 high-sensitivity compression drivers, and an amplifier to power it up. This package comes jam-packed with everything you’ll need for a quick and easy installation so you can get your sound easily. This package is easily mountable with no modifications to your factory sound bar location.

The hardest part of upgrading your Jeep’s audio kit is deciding on the modifications you want to make on your Jeep. There are many communities online dedicated to restoring and renewing every make and model of Jeep trucks.

Jeep Gladiator Replacement audio speakers

When you shop with us, we do our absolute best to make installation easy and understandable.

At DS18, we hope when you’re shopping you think more about the sound you hope to achieve, and less about what it’s going to take to get there.


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