DS18 Flash Sale

DS18 Flash Sale

Buy Two ZXI 12.4D OR ZXI 15.4D plus a 0 Gauge AMP KIT and receive a FREE ZR2000.1D amplifier

DS18’s ZXI series of subwoofers is a popular choice for all listeners due to its high excursion capabilities maximizing its mighty bass output.

The ZXI12.4D and ZXI15.4D were designed to provide monstrous bass that you can feel and hear from anywhere.

DS18 ZXI subwoofers work especially well in enclosures: sealed, ported, 4th order, and 6th order boxes.

As subwoofers, these speakers deliver frequencies as low as 15Hz with ease: but, the technical brilliance of the ZXI subwoofers allows them to play frequencies as high as 900 Hz with unparalleled precision; perhaps even higher depending on box tuning.
Improvements in strength and size of the spider landing and surrounding on these speakers resist damage caused by the high excursion of these subs.

The motor on these subwoofers comes equipped with a quadruple stacked ferrite magnet casing and a 3-inch voice coil that diligently operates with 1000W RMS and 2000W MAX.

In our efforts to deliver sound that soothes the senses this summer, we’ve packaged the ZXI12.4D and the ZXI15.4D in a deal sure to give all listeners certainty in their purchase.

With your purchase of a pair of ZXI12.4D 12-inch subs or a pair of ZXI15.4D 15-inch subs with a zero gauge amp kit, we match your purchase with a free ZR2000.1D amp: our extremely efficient amplifier sure to perfectly power your new speakers.


DS18 ZXI12.4D, DS18 ZXI15.4D Audio subwoofers

The ZR Series amplifier is sure to power your subwoofers with great sound acuity and massive bass frequency responses.
The power produced by these amplifiers pushes your speakers to their maximum potential.

The ZR2000.1D is a D class Monoblock Amplifier that pumps out 2000 watts RMS @ 1-Ohm, 1300 watts RMS @ 2-Ohms, and 800 watts RMS @ 4 ohms.

Due to the dual 4-ohm voice coil on the ZXI subwoofers, it is recommended to wire both subs in parallel for a 1-ohm load to get the maximum output from this amplifier.

The included bass knob helps attenuate your bass with the turn of a dial so your bass volume is calibrated perfectly to every song you play.

Easily tuned, the ZR2000.1D comes with Lowpass and Subsonic filters to help you set the perfect frequency for your music preference.

DS18 ZR200.1D Audio Amplifier

The included DS18 AMPKIT0 Installation Kit contains more than enough instruction and equipment to help users power this monster of a machine with the proper current and voltage required.

Although high-powered, the ZR2000.1D should be capable of running off your factory battery, if you have a newer vehicle.
Older vehicles may need to upgrade to an AGM-style battery.

This subwoofer and amplifier combo is sure to maximize the potential of any vehicle’s build.
Take advantage of this season’s hottest deal to complete your sound system today.



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