DS18 HOOLIGAN-X15 Subwoofer Series

DS18 HOOLIGAN-X15 Subwoofer Series

For the past six years, many car audio competitors have enhanced their vehicle’s sound system with competition-ready equipment from DS18.

The most popular choice among competitors and audiophiles alike is the DS18 Hooligan X15: our premium record-breaking 15” competition subwoofer. 

These subs can be found in many demo vehicles and competitor vehicles throughout the world and are considered top tier among all listeners.

Of the builds that utilize the Hooligan X15 subwoofer, the most popular of them would have to be the GroundPound!

Chris Allen, the owner of Limitless Lithium (one of, if not, the very best supplier of lithium batteries available on the market today), stockpiled this Ford Excursion with over one hundred professional grade speakers from DS18.

Of those speakers six of them were DS18’s Hooligan-X15.1D SPL subwoofers powered by six of DS18’s 10K amplifiers. The windshield shattering speakers racked up a max SPL reading of 167 sealed.

The ground shaking machine is now a spectacle at shows across the country, and increased the popularity of DS18’s Hooligan-X15 model immensely.

 DS18 Hooligans subwoofer GroundPound


As the Hooligan’s popularity increased, our team of engineers has progressively tweaked and enhanced every aspect of its initial design to maintain and enhance the dynamic standard of competition-level performance.

However, many of the revisions on this model of our DS18 Hooligan X15 car subwoofers were made to enhance its overall performance and versatility for the casual listener to be able to enjoy this professional quality subwoofer.

The latest model of our Hooligan subwoofer was designed to maximize the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) of frequencies played during a listening session.



To achieve this the engineers at DS18 stiffened the Hooligan’s spider layers, allowing easier control over the massive amount of power these subwoofers come equipped with.

This speaker’s large ferrite magnet generates a powerful magnetic field intended to help produce a higher motor force than other high-wattage speakers.
This allows for louder music and even higher SPL for an unmatched auditory experience on every listen. 

At DS18 we believe power is nothing without control.



To endure those power evaluating jam sessions: these subwoofers come furnished with massive four-inch voice coils treated with a specially developed heat coating that protects against damage from the high temperatures that limit-pushing jam sessions are associated with.

These speakers' rubber surround size has been slightly decreased for increased significance on higher frequencies and even smoother handling of this high power outputting machine.

The metallic red, brushed aluminum basket creates an impenetrable force field around all materials pieced together in this machine, helps hold the equipment together extremely well, and can remain stylish as a part of any custom build.

All this translates into an amazing competition-ready speaker, that produces massive levels of SPL for every listener.

These speakers are sure to satisfy everyone from the most aggressive competitor to the most passive casual.

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