Honda Civic DS18 Audio Upgrade or Audio Replacement

Honda Civic DS18 Audio Upgrade or Audio Replacement

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In its eleventh generation, the Honda Civic has ingratiated itself smoothly into the everyday life of Americans everywhere. It’s impossible to drive more than ten minutes without being passed up by a Sport Injected Civic on its way to a car meet.

Chances are that many people reading this are second or third-generation Civic owners: a testament to the car's reliability and customer satisfaction.

Almost fifty years removed from the first-year models of the Honda Civic, the car has now developed a personality all its own.

Today’s Civic models have transformed from a mini market success into a luxurious ride that continues to please generation after generation: and frankly, there’s no other car like it.

To get the most out of the Honda Civic it’s best to upgrade the audio system with professional audio equipment from the experts. Stock Civic Sound Systems usually come with four factory speakers and a basic receiver.

Changing the receiver of the Honda Civic is fairly simple, so our upgrades should start there.

Replacing the Honda Civic's receiver leaves drivers without a factory USB connection port for streaming. This was a point of contention for many of our experts upgrading this vehicle: which receiver from our catalog came with the most features and fit the best inside of the Honda Civic?

The team decided that DS18’s Double-Din Headunit, the DDX6.9ML, was the perfect replacement.

You’ll get goosebumps when you power up this receiver and see all your multimedia dreams come true. This receiver allows audio streaming from all your local AM / FM stations, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AUX, USB, SD, and Mirror Link.

Mirror link is easily set up and allows screen mirroring of all media from your phone to the receiver. Powered by PRE-AMP outputs that provide a maximum of 4.5 volts you can be sure you’ll have enough output voltage to deliver crystal clear audio on every use.

Civic front door speakers should utilize a full-range design for a harmonious blending of frequencies. If your Civic model comes equipped with a center dash speaker it should complement the sounds provided by your door panel speakers. If possible, a full-range design on both speakers will increase your audio quality immensely.

DS18’s ZXI line of equipment is designed to give listeners competition quality audio without having to pay competition quality prices. The ingenious 2-way and 1-way design on both the ZXI-654 and the ZXI-354 fit amazingly in the Honda Civic’s front door and center dash speakers.

These coaxial speakers deliver an amazing range of frequencies and get extremely LOUD (just how we like it). DS18’s ZXI series is a complete line of equipment fitted with an amazing show-quality look so you can jam in style.

Honda Civic Audio Upgrade or Audio Replacement

It's important to complement these speakers with a subwoofer that’s just as powerful and stylish as they are.

The ZR112LD is the perfect subwoofer for any compact car and fits perfectly into the system we’ve recommended. This ported subwoofer enclosure comes encased in a full-sized prefabricated box and includes one of our bestselling subwoofers, the ZR12.2D.

This box is tuned to 29Hz and constructed from thick ¾ MDF for a massive increase to the ZR12.2D’s sound quality and acoustical resonance.

The dual voice coil design on the ZR12.2D allows stereo sound to be projected from any location you decide to install the ZR112LD into. This loaded box is a great solution to get hard hitting heavy bass for all to enjoy.

All these speakers are going to need a high-powered amplifier that efficiently powers each component to its max potential. The ZXI.5 is the ideal amplifier to power all the equipment mentioned previously.

The engineering experts at DS18 upgraded every aspect of the best-selling ZXI line and produced this ELITE amplifier.

The ZXI.5 is equipped with much higher power output, and top-of-the-line components, and delivers massive quantities of RMS power on demand. All new DS18 branded boards and heat sync casings help make this amazing amp line even more exceptional. This 5-channel amp allows various electrical configurations to power every aspect of your brand-new professional audio system.

Don’t be intimidated by all your new equipment. Make installation 100 times easier when you order one of our 0 Gauge Ampkit. These AMPKIT provides everything you need to complete the installation of your amplifier.

This kit includes a full run of power wire (with a large power fuse to protect against unforeseen shorts), a short length of ground for your chassis to amp connection, remote wire for your turn-on signal, a full length of RCA jacks to transfer signal to your amps from your head unit, wire loom, and all the proper crimp and terminal connections to get the job done right.

Everything you could possibly need comes in this convenient package so you can dive right into the jam sessions.

Taking your Honda Civic to the next level is easy with professional audio equipment from the experts.

DS18 offers everything you need to get it LOUD and keep it there!


Honda Civic Audio Update or Audio Replacement

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