Acura TL Audio Update or Replacement

Acura TL Audio Update or Replacement

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One of the market’s most popular luxury sedans, the Acura TL, is getting some much-needed audio attention from your favorite professional audio store. With its stock rising, due in large part to its greater reliability among other popular luxury sedans, the team of engineers at DS18 has picked out some of the best products to turn the Acura TL’s factory system into an ear-splitting machine.

Although praised for its reliability, the Acura TL is among the top choices in luxury sedans for several reasons. Most prominent of those is the consistent progression of what customers deem to be Acura TL’s most favorable features.

The consistency of these upgrades has helped assure consumers they are getting a mid-size luxury sedan with a comfortable interior, plenty of practical amenities, and a smooth ride. As manufacturers, we pride ourselves on the reliability and consistent progression of our products, making the Acura TL a perfect candidate for an audio upgrade from our team.

Professional sound quality comes first for the audio enthusiasts at DS18. The easiest way to achieve this in your Acura is through using component speaker sets. Component speakers are a prime choice for building a custom car audio system due to the amount of control they allow users to have over the quality of their audio.

The high-tech ingenuity of component speaker sets allows for the installation of drivers anywhere users feel fit. The component speaker sets offered in our catalog emphasized reaching the highest volume possible and achieving professional sound quality.

Of the sets we offer, the DS18 ZXi-62C Car Component Speaker Set is the best example of those values. The DS18 ZXi-62C Component Set was made to reach extreme listening volumes without sacrificing the quality of sound.

This speaker set includes two of our ZXi component 6.5” woofers accompanied by a pair of ZXi-T1 tweeters, with two included passive crossovers to filter out harmful frequencies. The passive crossovers do have an adjustable DB switch to adjust your volume from -3 to +3DB.

Each component helps sound systems achieve a more complete auditory experience that maintains great sound quality even at max volumes.
Like the DS18 ZXi-62C, DS18 GEN-X6.5C Component Set was also designed to reach the highest volume possible without distorting the audio created: but the GEN-X emphasizes efficiency and power.

This set includes: two of our GEN-X component 6.5” woofers accompanied by a pair of TX1 tweeters, with two included passive crossovers that have an adjustable DB switch to adjust your volume from -3 to +3DB.

The GEN-X Component Speaker Set gives users a unique and stylish way to achieve the extreme full-range quality that hits all the right frequencies.
Given the amount of control that component speaker sets allow users, it’s important to get an amplifier that not only powers the set but enhances its quality as well.

DS18 offers a multitude of speakers that give you unchecked control over many aspects of your audio. Amplifiers by themselves won’t improve the quality of your sound system: but, the right amplifier can vitalize the other components of your sound system immensely.

One of our most popular amplifiers, and the first of our suggestions, is the DS18 GEN-X series. The DS18 Gen-X series of amps provide the maximum wattage for any budget and are built to last. These stylish amps will fit just about anywhere and efficiently supply all the power you need.

Acura Audio Upgrade and Audio Replacement

These High-Quality Class AB amps are designed around loudness with great attention placed on overall sound quality.

CLASS AB amps are used dominantly by SQ competitors around the world to ensure they have the clearest and most pure signal and sound. We developed these amps in hopes of satisfying every customer: from the casual listener to the pro competitor.

Another highly popular amplifier used by the pros for the clearest sound possible is the G1800.

This Digital Class D Amplifier has a very high-efficiency rating and makes it easier than ever to power your speakers to their maximum potential.

This amplifier is a continuation of the DS18 GEN-X amp series: but, utilizes D class technology instead of AB for cooler, fiercer, and more effective amplification.

Once the supplies have arrived, the next step is installation. To make installation 100 times easier, order one of our 4 Gauge Ampkit. In this AMPKIT we provide everything you need to complete the installation of your amplifier.

This kit includes a full run of power wire (with a large power fuse to protect against unforeseen shorts), a short length of ground for your chassis to amp connection, remote wire for your turn-on signal, a full length of RCA jacks to transfer signal to your amps from your head unit, wire loom, and all the proper crimp and terminal connections to get the job done right.

We put together everything you need in one convenient package so you can spend less time finding the right tools and more time enjoying your new sound system.

Skip all the guesswork in finding the perfect equipment for your sound system with one of our exclusive packages for the Acura TL. The experts at DS18 test a plethora of products; match them to their best fitting vehicles; and compile packages to give users a chance to purchase all the equipment needed to enhance the vibrancy of their sound systems simply and swiftly.

As of right now, the Acura TL is the subject of three different upgrade packages ranked by the quality of sound reproduced by the speakers:

Each package provides a unique way of achieving the full range of frequencies and includes everything you need for a successful long-lasting installation. Browse through each of these packages and find the one that best suits your budget and taste.

Audio enthusiasts in the market for an upgrade to their Acura TL’s sound system are sure to find relief in DS18's latest effort to supply all vehicles with the professional sound quality they deserve.

DS18 offers everything you need to achieve professional sound quality anywhere you want it.

Acura Audio Upgrade or Audio Replacement



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