DS18 celebrating Labor Day

DS18 celebrating Labor Day

Without labor, nothing prospers. Labor Day is celebrated to exhibit the strength and willpower of all employees with a job in trade and labor organizations.

Without the hard work of the numerous men and women in the labor union, the American Dream would collapse on itself. So, to thank you, our team of professional audio experts has compiled a list of products that are essential to helping you get the most out of your Labor Day.

DS18 Audio Experts Team

Labor Day is celebrated differently by everyone: some people enjoy barbecuing with their families by the lake, recently people have started going to the beach to relieve stress by riding ATVs and launching fireworks, while others get the family together for a day out on the water.

However you choose to celebrate, DS18 has got professional audio equipment to help you celebrate all night long.

If you’re expecting to spend the holiday out on the water, you should optimize your marine vehicle’s audio system with a head unit that can handle everything.

The MRX100 is DS18’s NEW all-in-one marine head unit that does it all! Don’t be deceived by this unit’s size. We kept the original compact design of the MRX1: but, upgraded the MRX100 with a Gorilla Glass screen for added fortitude and longevity against the elements, upgraded Bluetooth functionality, and lower operating voltage for power consumption efficiency.

This unit is also capable of powering some of our low-powered speakers (like the NXL-6SL) or powering full-scale multi-amplifier systems.

The MRX100 is guaranteed to bring crystal clear audio quality with unchecked control over how the audio sounds (via a variety of sound settings) at all volumes in your boat, off-road, golf cart, or any vehicle that will be tested by the elements frequently.

Planning on bringing your ATV with you to the Labor Day Celebration?

Make sure your bike gets loud enough for everyone to hear with the JVOCE Marine Roll Cage Sound Bar Tower Sound System.

The JVOCE is furnished with two of our loudest speakers yet, the PRO-HYBRID 6. This exclusive enclosure is styled modeled after the extremely popular JMID and JBASS for Jeeps but had its size reduced to hold the 6.5 PRO-hybrid speakers it comes with.

It is made of extremely durable mold-injected plastic and is sure to outlast your vehicle and can easily be transferred to the next. RGB LEDs are strung around the inside of the enclosure to match the mood of that late-night Labor Day Parade.

Once you’ve settled on a choice of components, it’s important you get an amplifier that powers them to their maximum potential. For marine vehicle audio systems, it’s even more important to get an amplifier that will be able to withstand anything the elements choose to throw in your direction.

The NVY series was manufactured to combat the toughest of environmental punishments. Put the power back into your hands whether you’re out on the great blue or maneuvering on the dirt path less traveled.

The NVY-IPX7 was designed for boats, our latest addition to the NVY series of amplifiers has the third highest IPX rating of 7; giving this fortified beast of a machine the ability to be submerged in water as deep as 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

The 2 CH/ 4 CH input selector this amplifier comes equipped with gives users complete control over how much power gets designated to every individual speaker. The Direct Power harness design on this amplifier is manufactured to let your imagination run wild while setting up your audio system.

These amplifiers have a maximum output of 350W x 2 CH bridged at 4 ohms, 200W x 4 CH at 2 ohms, and 120W x 4 CH at 4 ohms: perfect power settings to supercharge any marine vehicle’s audio system!

If that doesn’t impress you, then maybe DS18’s NXL series is more your speed.  The NXL series was developed to give users high power output in a compact waterproof package. The NXL series has spawned some of our most efficient waterproof amplifiers: The NXL-X1000.1D being one of the highest rated from that line.

The high pass and low pass filters on the NXL-X1000.1D will help you tune your speaker choice accurately so you can obtain crystal clarity from low volume levels all the way to the maximum for the ultimate audio experience.

This amplifier also boasts reliable 4-layer PCB layouts, IP67waterproof rating for power sports, and audio precision quality control verification. These amplifiers have a maximum output of 350W at 4 ohms, 600W at 2 ohms, and 1000W at 1 ohm: perfect power settings for the outdoors lover in need of a charge.

Installation is a breeze with an order of one of our 4 Gauge Ampkit. These AMPKIT’s come equipped with everything needed to make the installation of your amplifier simple and easy.

This kit includes a full run of power wire (with a large power fuse to protect against unforeseen shorts), a short length of ground for your chassis to amp connection, remote wire for your turn-on signal, a full length of RCA jacks to transfer signal to your amps from your head unit, wire loom, and all the proper crimp and terminal connections to get the job done tight and right. Reap the benefits of your hard work much quicker with this easy-to-use kit.

No matter how you’re choosing to celebrate Labor Day, DS18 has all the exclusive professional audio equipment necessary to make it worthwhile.

Enjoy the benefits of your hard work this Labor Day!

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