DS18’s Best Car Audio Amplifiers

DS18’s Best Car Audio Amplifiers

Your sound system deserves an amplifier – a professional quality amplifier can put some spark into your vehicle. Upgrade your vehicles audio system in a flash with a Car Audio Amplifier from DS18!

DS18 develops amplifiers specifically for powering vehicle sound systems: these specially designed amplifiers distribute and maintain high amounts of power to generate a cleaner more powerful sound.

The best way to take your vehicle’s sound system to new levels of high fidelity is by incorporating one of DS18’s Car Audio Amplifiers! Here are a few we recommend if you’re in the market for an upgrade:


Power your components with the 4-Channel Full Range ZR1600.4D: a ZR series amp that intensifies the volume of the frequencies reproduced by your speakers.

Designed to give your speakers the power to reach their maximum potential in your sound system, the ZR1600.4D is equipped with Lowpass and Highpass filters to help tune any song to your frequency.

The ZR1600.4D is made to deliver 2 x 1200 watts RMS @ 4-Ohms Bridge, 4 x 680 watts RMS @ 2-Ohms, and 4 x 400 watts RMS @ 4-Ohms perfect power settings for anyone who likes it LOUD!


The GEN-X Series is back and better than ever with the G8400.4D: a complete rehaul of a DS18 staple! 

The G8400.4D comes with variable full crossover filter for crystal clear audio whenever you want it! Fully adjustable High Pass, Low Pass, and Full Filters give you control over your sound! 

Surface mount component technology allows for creative control over the placement and design of your build! Protect your equipment effectively with Protection, Clipping, and Power Indicator LED’s that notify you when your amplifier has reached it’s limit!

The G8400.4D has power ratings of 2 x 1700W at 4 ohms bridge, 4 x 1000W at 2 ohms, and 4 x 700W at 4 ohms, and 8400W MAX for pristine power on demand! This amplifier would be a great addition to any sound system looking to get LOUD and keep it there!


Small, Compact, Powerful – DS18’s CANDY-X4B Full-Range Class D Amplifier has it all!

The CANDY-X4B is one of our biggest sellers and gets super loud for its size. The CANDY-X4B amps not only have the power to keep your speakers at maximum volume efficiently but are also very small and compact in design so they can be mounted almost anywhere!  

This mini amp comes in 4 channel configuration for easy and painless system setup. It also has hi-level inputs for easy integration into any factory sound system.

The Candy-X4B has power ratings of 2 x 240W at 4 ohms bridge, 4 x 120W at 2 ohms, and 4 x 80W at 4 ohms, and 1600W MAX of sweet juice whenever you need it!

This is the supreme amplifier for entry-level audiophiles and has a complete line built behind it to fit any build: Check out the CANDY-X2B, X5B, XXL1B and X1B if your build requires different specifications.


The H-KO8 Hooligan SPL is DS18’s Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier designed to get window shattering bass from your systems subwoofers!

This Korean Half Bridge Competitive Audio Amplifier is made with premium components and designed to maintain high levels of efficiency.

This amplifiers signal to noise ratio makes it perform extremely well in SPL (Sound Pressure Level)  and extremely loud bass demos, while maintaining an outstanding level of efficiency and output. The included bass knob will help you attenuate your bass with a quick turn of the dial to tune in your bass volume with every song you play.

That’s why it’s one of the most popular choices with DS18’s team competitors: the H-KO8 has proven itself to be one of the top performers among all aftermarket amplifiers currently available.

The H-KO10 is a new 8,000 W RMS offering from DS18 to push a multitude or larger, high power subwoofers to the maximum all while using high quality half-bridge Korean mono block power. Because this amplifier has such massive headroom, we’ve built in Voltmeter, Clip Light and Overload Protection Circuitry so you can monitor your power usage easily.

If you demand the most from your system and expect no compromises on power, then the H-KO8 is the best option for your build.

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