DS18's Best Powersports Speaker Systems

DS18's Best Powersports Speaker Systems

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The world of Powersports is already great: but, wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you could bring your favorite music to your vehicles? If you want to make your Powersports vehicles LOUD, DS18 has all the products needed to bring every build imaginable to life.

The following is a list of DS18’s Best Powersports Speaker Systems of all the products in our catalogue. We update our catalog frequently though, so be sure to subscribe and follow DS18 for updates on our products and deals to come.


Let’s turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP with the NXL-X8PRO: DS18’s revamped compact wakeboard tower speaker! The new and improved clamping system these models come equipped with makes installation into any powersports vehicles simple.

This upgraded model of the NXL-X8 utilizes the PRO-HY8.4B, a Pro Audio Water Resistant Hybrid Mid-Range & Compression Driver Loudspeaker, for an expansive range of frequencies that get as high as 20KHz and as low as 80Hz.

The power handling ratings on these pods are 250 W RMS and 500 W MAX, which is double the standard NXL pod rating.

They also have integrated RGB LED Lighting to complement the vibe of any system. The LED BTC (LED Bluetooth Controller) is sold separately and required to control the lights on this speaker.

The NXL-X8PRO is an extremely rugged volume maximizing tower speaker that’s guaranteed to revitalize any sound system. No marine speaker in our catalogue has a higher potential for getting LOUD!


DS18’s CF-8 Hydro is the perfect option for the outdoor lover looking to bring their favorite tunes to the water.

With frequency responses as high as 23KHz and as low as 35Hz the CF-8 guarantees the full range of frequencies. The high sensitivity and extended voice coil on these speakers give users the freedom to turn this speaker to its MAX so you can hear them!

The Carbon Fiber Textured Design on this speaker helps this speaker remain sturdy in the harshest of environments. The included Neodymium motor guarantees a lighter, more efficient, and overall louder speaker than the traditional ferrite motors.

The power handling ratings on these speakers are 150W RMS and 450W MAX; perfect power settings to be placed into any system.

Keep the party going all night long with integrated RGB LED lighting to match the vibe of any celebration! You’re truly missing out if you haven’t experienced the pristine sound of DS18’s CF-8 Hydro!


Optimize your vehicle’s audio system with a head unit that can handle everything.

The MRX100 is DS18’s NEW all in one marine head unit that does it all!

Don’t be deceived by this unit’s size. We kept the original compact design of the MRX1: but, upgraded the MRX100 with a 3” color TFT Display with Gorilla Glass screen for added fortitude and longevity against the elements, an IPX6 Waterproof Rating, upgraded Bluetooth functionality, and lower operating voltage for power consumption efficiency.

This unit is also capable of powering some of our low-powered speakers (like the NXL-6SL) or powering full-scale multi-amplifier systems.

The MRX100 is guaranteed to bring crystal clear audio quality with unchecked control over how the audio sounds (via a variety of sound settings) at all volumes in your boat, off-road, golf cart, or any vehicle that will be tested by the elements frequently.


Supercharge your brand new speakers with the NXL-X1000.1D!

The NXL series was developed to give users high power output in a compact waterproof package. The NXL series has spawned some of our most efficient waterproof amplifiers: The NXL-X1000.1D being one of the highest rated from that line.

The low pass filters on the NXL-X1000.1D will help you tune your subwoofers accurately for booming bass from low volume levels all the way to maximum for the ultimate audio experience.

This reliable amplifier also has 4-layer PCB layouts and an IP67 waterproof rating for power sports.

These amplifiers have a maximum output of 350W at 4-ohms, 600W at 2-ohms, and a 1000W at 1-ohm: perfect power settings for the outdoors lover in need of a charge.

Final Thoughts

Bring LOUD high quality audio with you to the great outdoors with professional audio from the experts at DS18! Subscribe to DS18’s Newsletter for updates on all things audio from DS18!

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