Best DS18 Full Range Marine Amplifiers for your Boat

Best DS18 Full Range Marine Amplifiers for your Boat

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You’ll never get your marine or off-road components to perform their best without an amplifier to power them. DS18’s Full Range Marine Amplifiers boost the full frequency range of music for mids, highs and subwoofers.

DS18 offers professional quality amplifiers designed to get the most out of your sound system’s components. DS18 Amplifiers bring bigger and better sound, come in multi-channel configurations and can centerpiece any high-powered sound system.

If you’re planning an upgrade or new beginning for your marine audio system, consider some of the following amplifiers to help power it:


Keep your audio footprint at a minimum without sacrificing on power with the NXL-F4: DS18’s Flush Mount Full-Range Digital Marine Amplifier.

The F4 is a redesign of the very popular NXL-400.4, but with a flat mount configuration for a flush and clean look in your installation. This 4 channel amplifier is the best way to power all your marine speakers.

The F4’s Full Range capabilities allow it to run subwoofers, mid-ranges, and tweeters. The high pass and low pass filters help tune your speakers accurately so you can obtain crystal clear clarity at all volumes.

All NXL Amplifiers come equipped with reliable 4-layer PCB layouts, IP67 waterproof rating for power sports and audio precision quality control verification.

Brave the trails comfortably with the NXL-F4!


The NXL-X600.4D proves that power comes in many shapes and sizes!

The NXL-X600.4D is one of our most efficient amplifiers at it’s power output: These amps come in 4 channel configuration to help you power a wide array of speaker setups.

Protection against the elements comes first with the NXL series: the included marine grade fuse and holder connected inline with your main power wire helps protect against the elements even more.

As mentioned before, all NXL Amplifiers come equipped with reliable 4-layer PCB layouts, an IP67 waterproof rating for power sports, and audio precision quality control verification.

Don’t settle for less: order the NXL-X600.4D today!


The great blue won’t seem as daunting with the powerful backing of the NVY-IPX7.4: DS18’s Full Range Waterproof Amplifier.

Our newest addition to the NVY series has an IPX waterproof rating of IPX7. This means the NVY-IPX7 is waterproof and can be submerged in water as deep as 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

Place this amplifier anywhere using our Direct Power harness design, which is designed to give you creative control over where you get the wave-making tunes on your marine vehicle.

It also has a 2 CH/ 4 CH input selector giving you complete control over how much power gets designated to each of your speakers.

Final Thoughts

Without an amplifier your marine audio system could never reach its full potential. Order a DS18 amplifier to bring insane power to your system!

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