DS18 Jeep Audio JK/JKU Sound Bar Packages Recommendation

DS18 Jeep Audio JK/JKU Sound Bar Packages Recommendation

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DS18 proved their commitment to furnishing all Jeep systems with professional quality sound when they released the JK-SBAR - an overhead sound bar system for JK/JKU Jeeps, intended to allow Jeep owners to easily acquire the full range of frequencies without compromising on space or quality.

The emergence of the JK-SBAR allowed DS18 the opportunity to show off the several products tailor-made for JK Jeep models (Jeep Wrangler Models produced during 2007 and before 2019) that add high-powered sound to whatever armor your Jeep is decorated with.

DS18 has taken the success of the JK-SBAR and turned themselves into one of the highest rated providers of Jeep Audio products. These are a couple of the products that we feel helped us solidify that position and complement our JK-SBAR the best.

JSUB.2 (ZR12.4D & ZR2000.1D)

If your Jeep needs a little more thump, the experts at DS18 recommend the JSUB.2 – our Down Fire Subwoofer Enclosure guaranteed to provide that punch you’ve been looking for!

This durable plexiglass enclosure strengthens your subwoofers by forcing their sound towards the floor so they bounce back even stronger! This enclosure is tuned to 35Hz (the ideal tuning frequency for all ported subwoofer boxes) for easier transmission of your lower frequency responses!

The JSUB.2 is designed to hold any two 12” DS18 subwoofers. The experts at DS18 recommend the ZR12.4D’s – our entry level subwoofers that handle great power, always deliver smooth clean bass, and work well in both sealed and ported boxes for easy positioning in any sound system.

Power the JSUB.2 with the 1-Channel Monoblock ZR2000.1D: a ZR series amp that intensifies the volume of the frequencies reproduced by your speakers.

Designed to give your speakers the power to reach their maximum potential in your sound system, the ZR2000.1D is equipped with Lowpass and Subsonic filters to help tune any song to your frequency.

The ZR2000.1D is made to deliver 2000 watts RMS @ 1-Ohm, 1300 watts RMS @ 2-Ohms, and 800 watts RMS @ 4 ohms giving you the perfect power settings for anyone who likes it LOUD!

The JSUB.2 is installed over the rear fend wells and comes with digital 3 wire RGB LED’s across the dual plexiglass panel to match the aesthetic of any sound system.

If you like it LOUD the JSUB.2 was made for you!


Expand the range of equipment you can put in your Jeep with the help of DS18’s JK-TUBE – our custom Jeep Mounting Tubes specially designed for JK Jeep models.

This mounting tube with mobile clamps is perfect for Jeeps and works with almost all the marine grade products in our catalog.

The experts find this product highly applicable with DS18’s NXL-X8TPNEO – the latest version of our super popular tower speakers – upgraded with a passive woofer radiator to be louder and stronger than ever! Mount these speakers easily when you install the JK-TUBE!

With over 70 marine grade compliant products, we have everything you could want to bring high quality sound to your Jeep’s Sound System.

Never compromise on your components when you shop with DS18!


Upgrade your frequencies on the higher end with one of DS18’s High Powered Tweeters, the ZXI-T1, our high strength PEI Dome Tweeters that will fill your frequency range perfectly!

The 1” aluminum voice coil will enhance your volumes to extreme levels, and help your system achieve amazing crisp highs to complement your mid and low range frequencies.

These tweeters are perfect for the listener looking to easily fill out their frequency range perfectly!


Replacing your Jeep’s knee panel speakers can help your sound system deliver insane sound! Easily upgrade the speakers in your knee panels with DS18’s PRO-NS6.4 Mid-Ranges.

Our shallow Neodymium speakers are designed to give you maximum loudness in a nice, small, framed package. These speakers have a 1.96” mounting depth and fit perfectly in JK/JKU Jeeps.

The 94dB sensitivity rating allow this speaker to reach max volumes in an instant!

These 6.5” neodymium speakers have a 1.5” voice coil and take 150W RMS and 300W MAX, so feel free to turn these speakers all the way up!


Power all of your upgrades with one of the best amplifiers in our catalog: the SXE-1200.4D

DS18’s SXE series of amps was designed for users looking to increase the quality of music reproduced by their vehicle.

The SXE series of amplifier gives users the ability to tailor the audio reproduced by their vehicle to their personal listening preferences through the use of it’s fully variable crossover, adjustable gain input sensitivity, and multi-channel amplifier design.

As a Class D amplifier, the SXE series uses power transformers significantly smaller than your average amplifier, making it the perfect size for any vehicle’s custom build: but, what it lacks in size it makes up for in power.

The SXE-1200.4D has a power output of 200W x 2 CH bridged at 4-ohms, 100W x 4 CH at 2-ohms, 60W x 4 CH at 4-ohms: perfect power settings to supercharge any custom build.


And if you haven’t already ordered yours, the best way to upgrade your Jeep’s Audio is with DS18’s Jeep JK/JKU Sound Bar – the best and only way for Jeep JK/JKU owners to bring superior sound to their rigs without having to make any concessions.

The JK-SBAR is a highly durable plastic mold injection enclosure that fits perfectly in JL/JT (Gladiator) Jeeps Headliners. This enclosure houses four of DS18’s high quality HYDRO 8" speakers, four of DS18’s PRO-TW4L pitch perfect Bullet Tweeters, two of DS18’s PRO-DRNSC high sensitivity compression drivers, and an amplifier for sufficient power supply to all your new speakers.

Purchase the JK Sound Bar enclosure without speakers or purchase our Complete Sound Bar Package so you don't have to worry about picking the perfect speakers for your new sound bar.

Final Thoughts

DS18 is the only place to enhance your JK/JKU Jeep’s Sound System! Look through our catalog to find even more amazing products created for Jeepers everywhere!

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