DS18’s 10th Anniversary

DS18’s 10th Anniversary

Relive the beginnings of our journey through sound with our all new 10th Anniversary (XA) collection: DS18’s brand new series of Mid-Bass Loudspeakers designed to be versatile enough to fit into any sound system.

DS18 has supplied all vehicles with the loudest and cleanest sound the streets have ever heard. The XA series is a renewal of our commitment to professional quality as we step into our 10th year of manufacturing.

The following are highlights of some of the best features from the latest addition to our catalog:


This high-quality 6.5” mid-bass speaker was made for listeners who like it LOUD just as much as we do!

These speakers reach frequencies as low as 80Hz and as high as 6.3KHz for easy access to a wide range of frequencies that any of our loyal customers are sure to notice.

These speakers come in 4 ohm and 8 ohm configuration allowing them to be installed into any sound system seamlessly, leaving no listeners out on the celebration of our anniversary!

The classic DS18 design, from the steel basket to the ferrite magnet, adds a touch of nostalgia for some of our oldest customers as we enter our 10th year of bringing LOUD products into every vehicle.


If you enjoy speakers that play your music at high volumes and bring some punch, you will love this 8" mid-bass speaker designed for exceptional sound quality.

Just like the PRO-64XA & PRO-68XA this is available in both 4 ohms and 8 ohms configurations, making it compatible with a variety of sound systems.

The PRO-8XA speakers have a higher sensitivity, rated at 97.8dB, making them perfect for bringing your sound system’s volume to an out of this world level!

Install these speakers into your system and show your love for all things LOUD with the special 10th Anniversary Edition engraving on every speaker in this collection!

Final Thoughts

It’s been a pleasure providing the best in audio to our listeners for the last ten years. To show our appreciation for the support we’ve received in the past decade we’ve set up a promotion to give back to the listeners in our community.

Register the warranty for any purchase of a 10th Anniversary Edition Speaker from our online store or any one of our authorized dealers at https://ds18.com/pages/warranty-form to enter for a chance at $5000!

Order yours today to make your sound system LOUD and your pockets fat!

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