DS18 Jeep Audio JL/JLU/JT Sound Bar Packages Recommendation

DS18 Jeep Audio JL/JLU/JT Sound Bar Packages Recommendation

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DS18 revolutionized Jeep Audio with their award winning JL-SBAR designed to upgrade the lack-luster factory soundbars JL/JLU/JT Jeeps come equipped with.

This extremely durable soundbar has room for four 8” speakers (NXL-8 Recommended) and four 3.72” high powered tweeters (PRO-TW4L Recommended) to help your Jeep reproduce crystal clear audio at all volumes without sacrificing space in your vehicle.

To increase the functionality of every JL/JLU/JT Soundbar out there the experts at DS18 have compiled some of the best products in our catalog that will enhance the quality and convenience of your JL/JLU/JT Soundbar.


No other tweeters compare to the precision and power of the DS18’s PRO-TW4L Super Bullet Tweeters. Originally designed for professional audio performance, these tweeters have been redesigned to fit into all casual builds.

The flared design on the PRO-TW4L gives it elevated sensitivity (sitting at 108dB) and more directional volume than other tweeters.

These mid-sized 4.5” tweeters are equipped with a 1.75” titanium voice coil to handle heavy power and provide more precise sound reproduction than any other tweeters on the market.

These tweeters have 140W AES, 280W Program and 560W MAX power handling making it easy to power them up for peak performance.

The multicolored RGB LED’s integrated in these tweeters design allow them to match the color scheme of any build imaginable.


Installing amplifiers into your JL/JLU/JT Jeep just got so much easier with the new JL-HARNESS. This Harness also accommodates the novice DIY-er in their installation of two additional amplifiers (CANDY-X4B) and an under-seat sub (SQBASS8) to complete your JEEP’s Sound System with the best aftermarket components.

The JL-HARNESS allows two CANDY-X4B’s to be secured under the driver's side seat easily right next to the SQBASS8.

The two amplifiers can be used to power your Jeep’s Front Stage (Knee and Dash Locations) when adding aftermarket high-powered speakers. This harness can also be used in conjunction with the JL/JLU/JT Jeep Soundbar for easier and efficient installation.

The JL-HARNESS is best installed in between the factory radio and the external factory harness.

The JL-HARNESS comes with multiple RCA outs for subs and highs to get the proper power and cable routing to all amplifiers. It also includes built-in ground and power for routing to the front of the vehicle where it can be attached to the chassis and battery respectively.

This harness supplies signal for up to two CANDY-X4B’s and Hi-Lo’s out to an under-seat sub like DS18’s SQBASS8. The JL-HARNESS also comes with brackets to allow install of an amplifier under the seat. RGB cable is included on the JL-HARNESS for wiring in the RGB circuit easily with the addition of our LED BTC controller.

The bonded design of the JL-HARNESS effortlessly sets the foundation for the completion of the perfect audio system in your JL/JLU/JT Jeep.



DS18’s CF-8 Hydro complements the JL/JLU/JT Soundbar perfectly!

With frequency responses as high as 23KHz and as low as 35Hz the CF-8 guarantees the full range of frequencies. The high sensitivity and extended voice coil on these speakers give users the freedom to turn this speaker to its MAX so you can hear them!

The Carbon Fiber Textured Design on this speaker helps this speaker remain sturdy in the harshest of environments. The included Neodymium motor guarantees a lighter, more efficient, and overall louder speaker than the traditional ferrite motors.

The power handling ratings on these speakers are 150W RMS and 450W MAX; perfect power settings to be placed into any system.

Keep the party going all night long with integrated RGB LED lighting to match the vibe of any celebration! You’re truly missing out if you haven’t experienced the pristine sound of DS18’s CF-8 Hydro!


Power and tune the speakers in your soundbar with one of the best amplifiers in our catalog: the SXE-3000.4D.

DS18’s SXE series of amps was designed for users looking to increase the quality of music reproduced by their vehicle.

The SXE series of amplifier gives users the ability to tailor the audio reproduced by their vehicle to their personal listening preferences through the use of it’s fully variable crossover, adjustable gain input sensitivity, and multi-channel amplifier design.

As a Class D amplifier, the SXE series uses power transformers significantly smaller than your average amplifier, making it the perfect size for any vehicle’s custom build: but, what it lacks in size it makes up for in power.

The SXE-3000.4D has a power output of 500W x 2 CH bridged at 4-ohms, 320W x 4 CH at 2-ohms, 200W x 4 CH at 4-ohms: perfect power settings to supercharge any custom build.

Final Thoughts

DS18 offers many components that can enhance your JL/JLU/JT Jeep’s Sound System! Look through our catalog to find even more amazing products created for Jeepers everywhere!

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