Ford F-Series Trucks Audio Upgrade or Replacement

Ford F-Series Trucks Audio Upgrade or Replacement

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Ford F-X50 Trucks Upgrade: Ford F-150, Ford F-250, Ford F-350, Ford F-450 Audio Upgrade or Audio Replacement. 

America’s favorite trucks, the Ford F-Series and Super Duty Series are getting a quality of sound upgrade from America’s favorite team of audio experts.

The latest models of the Ford F-Series and Super Duty series received a slight redesign that supplied them with updated interior features and premium technology; placing users with older models in the market for an audio upgrade featuring superior high-fidelity machinery – and as usual, your comprehensive professional audio shop, DS18, has got you covered.

There are two philosophical systems when looking to upgrade any work truck audio system: those who are more inclined to handle the work themselves, better known as the do-it-yourselfers – and those who want to pay someone else to do the labor for them, better known as the Mr. Fix-it For Me’s.

Most users believe that the best speaker is the most expensive one, taking no notice of the area these speakers are being installed. Even a moderately priced speaker from the DS18 catalog will outperform any factory sound system: but, it’s important these speakers are installed correctly to perform at their peak. When handling any kind of installation yourself it’s important to make sure you don’t miss any of the steps – and upgrading the audio in your Ford F-Series or Super Duty Series Truck can prove to be a tedious task: rest assured, DS18 provides kits that equip you with all the tools you need to make the install ten times easier.

DS18 Ford F-150 Truck Audio Update replacement

When upgrading any truck's factory audio system, it’s important to retain the mid-bass frequencies. Often when users upgrade their speakers they find that they’ve lost a lot of their mid-bass frequency response. This could be happening for many reasons: but, to avoid it together we recommend installing mid-range loudspeakers. Mid-range speakers handle the most important range of frequencies that can be heard by the human ear. These speakers offer an even wider range of frequencies when coupled with woofers or tweeters.

Of the speakers we offer in our catalog, our PRO-X series offers midranges in a variety of sizes, but the Ford-F150 works best with two models: the PRO-X6.4BMSL, a 6.5” Midrange Loudspeaker -  and the PRO-X694BM, a 6 x 9” Midrange Loudspeaker.

These slim speakers will fit perfectly in the door panels of your Ford. Equipped with a DS18 Red Bullet Tweeter, these speakers also offer a higher range of frequencies than your average mid-range.

The PRO-X series of mid-range speakers were constructed using strong ferrite magnets, pressed paper cones, and CCA voice coils to give users unchecked loudness without sacrificing the quality of their sound. Sound Systems can achieve concert-quality sound easily with these speakers installed.

If you like it LOUD, as many of our team members do, you’re probably looking to bring some ground-pounding bass to your vehicle. The best option for your full-sized pickup lies in the IXS line of Subwoofers.

The IXS line of flat mount subwoofers is very popular among users looking to fill out the lower range of frequencies in their pickup trucks. This series of speakers is an upgraded version of our SW (Slim Subwoofer) line and provides even more thump than its predecessors.

The IXS Subwoofer comes in 10” and 12” variations and even fits perfectly in ported or sealed enclosures: making them easy to install behind your rear seats or under your front seats. The IXS line of subwoofers offers the deepest bass frequency responses of all slim subwoofers we offer and will fit perfectly into any full-sized pickup truck’s sound system.

Bringing the thump to your Ford full-sized pickup is easier than ever with the ENS-66X! Fitting this ported enclosure underneath the rear benches and seating in your full-size pickup truck is a surefire way to bring a bang to your vehicle.

The ENS-66X houses six separate 6.5” subwoofers and places them right in the thick of the sound so you can feel the music you’re listening to.

These ported enclosures are built to increase the thump and volume of the housed subwoofers: sure to bring a blast to any pickup in need.

If you decide to enhance your system with any or all of these speakers, we recommend getting an amplifier that can handle the upgrade. 

The ZR800.4D is sure to bring out the best in all your speakers. DS18’s ZR series of amplifiers were designed to supercharge your sound system and deliver brilliant sound and bulky bass frequencies.

The ZR series was designed to pump up the volume and help your speakers reach their maximum potential as a part of your sound system. These amps offer a surplus of tuning options: the ZR800.4D comes with Lowpass, and High Pass filters to help tune any song to your frequency. These amps will charge any sound system to its max supplying users with the best audio quality possible.

If you’re looking for a quick upgrade to your entire sound system, your best bet would be browsing through the exclusive vehicle specific packages for Ford F-150’s.

After multiple tests, the experts at DS18 have matched and compiled some of the best pieces of equipment in our expansive catalogue that work best in F-Series and Super Duty Series pickup trucks.

As of right now, the Ford F-150 is the subject of two different upgrade packages:

    Browse through each of these packages and find the one that best suits your budget and taste.

    Finding upgrades to any of your vehicles is easy when shopping with the best suppliers in professional audio. DS18 carries everything you need to get it loud and keep it there.




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