Versatile Battery PROCHARGER and Power Supply 60 Amps


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The new BC60L procharger is a high-performance power supply that can give a maximum current of 60 amps and operate in 3 different PHASES for the most efficient charging. The three modes available are Elevation, Absorption, and Equalization. The first phase (Elevation) is a pulsating constraint current which brings your battery up from low voltage safely. The next phase is (Absorption) which gives constant voltage as soon as a safe resting voltage is detected. The last phase is Equalization. This phase keeps the battery at safe resting voltage but sends pulses of 14.5v every 5 minutes to give the battery maximum charge while safely balancing the battery for longer battery life. Internal cooling fans and digital display help you breeze through the options.

 There are 3 additional modes. The first is Charging State which is 3 phase charging. The next is AUTO ICS. This mode allows for quick charging and pulses the system between 13.8 to 14.4v in short bursts. This mode is not recommended for a dead battery. The last is POWER SUPPLY mode which acts like a full amperage power supply for a system that does not have or requite batteries.


Technical Specifications  BC80L
Input(Automatic Bi-volt): 90 to 140Vac /170 to 240Vac 240Vac
Consumption with maximum Load: 900W
Maximum output current: 60 Amperes
Selectable Output Voltage: 12.6V/128V/13v/13.2V/13.8V/14V/14.2V/14.4V
Intelligent Charging System: 13.8/ 14.4 Vdc cyclic
Accuracy Voltmeter / Amp Meter : 99% /96%
refrigeration: Forced
Protections: overload / short on out temperature
Dimesions L x W D (mm): 204 x 170 x 123 mm
Weight kg 2.750 : 1.5

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