Upgrading your Jeep Gladiator

Upgrading your Jeep Gladiator

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Jeep Audio systems deserve components just as powerful as they are; and only DS18 has speakers powerful enough to make your Jeep LOUD!

As one of the largest suppliers of Jeep Audio products in the world, we are always looking to innovate our designs to bring our customers the greatest in audio.

DS18 is the supreme provider of audio products for all Jeep Gladiator models produced during and after 2020. These are a couple of the products that make us the best!


DS18 turned the Jeep Audio Industry on its head with the Jeep JL/JT (Gladiator) Sound Bar – the best and only way for Jeep JL/JT (Gladiator) owners to bring superior sound to their rigs without having to make any concessions.

The JL-SBAR is a highly durable plastic mold injection enclosure that fits perfectly in JL/JT (Gladiator) Jeeps Headliners. This enclosure houses four of DS18’s high quality HYDRO 8" speakers, four of DS18’s PRO-TW4L pitch perfect Bullet Tweeters, and an amplifier for sufficient power supply to all your new speakers.

Purchase the JL Sound Bar enclosure without speakers or purchase our Loaded Sound Bar Package so you don't have to worry about picking the perfect speakers for your new sound bar.

The JL sound bar is a drop in piece that only requires a very minimal trimming of the upper panels, and cutting a small portion of (non-functional) metal away from the factory mounting spot.


There’s no better speaker than the JP6NEO.FR for users looking to fill out your Jeep Gladiator’s front stage frequencies.

This Plug and Play Dash Enclosure is furnished with high strength neodymium midrange speakers, the PRO-FR6NEO, for an expansive covering of the midrange frequencies.

The JP6NEO.FR’s reach extreme volumes at a lower power requirement than other mid-range loudspeakers. They also come equipped with a Silver Bullet Phase Plug that helps efficiency throughout. These neodymium powerhouses are sure to give crisp clear highs with a power rating of 225 watts RMS and 450 watts MAX power @ 4 Ohms.

Plug this enclosure directly into your existing wiring harness, connect directly to your factory amplifier, or add an external amplifier for extreme power and maximum loudness immediately!


The explosive boom of DS18’s subwoofers complement the raw power of the Jeep Gladiator perfectly! DS18’s JT-S64 Under Seat Subwoofer Enclosure is the most effective way to boost the bass in your Jeep’s sound system!

This High Density Plastic Molded Enclosure is designed for Jeep Gladiators and securely holds four 6.5” subwoofers under your rear seats.

This sealed enclosure has an internal volume of 1 cubic foot so your subwoofers reproduce lower frequencies with higher accuracy.

Order the JT-S64 for your Gladiator to bring a boom that never fades.


Power your brand new subwoofers with the ZR2000.1D 1-Channel Monoblock: a ZR series amp that magnifies the sharpness and bass frequency responses of the sound reproduced by your subwoofers.

Designed to pump out unyielding amounts of power that charges your subwoofers to their maximum potential, the ZR2000.1D also comes with an included bass knob to help attenuate bass volume to users listening preferences with a quick turn of the dial.

The ZR2000.1D is made to deliver 2000 watts RMS @ 1-Ohm, 1300 watts RMS @ 2-Ohms, and 800 watts RMS @ 4 ohms giving you the perfect power settings for your new subwoofers.

Final Thoughts

The options are endless when shopping with DS18! Check out the rest of our listings to find the perfect match for your Sound System.

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