DS18 Halloween Sound

DS18 Halloween Sound

Something spooky lurks in every piece of professional audio gear in DS18’s catalogue.

No matter how you plan on celebrating the most terrifying night of the year we’ve got products that will strike fear in every trick-or-treater in your neighborhood.

DS18 Halloween Audio


At DS18, we use sound to bring excitement and joy to customers, competitors, and spectators across the world. Strangely enough, those feelings of exhilaration and anticipation are very similar to the feelings we get from fear. Spikes in adrenaline, increased heart rate, and racing thoughts are symptoms of both fear and excitement.

The separation between these two feelings come from ourselves. Here are some products and tips to help put the beggars into survival mode.


DS18 Halloween Audio

Trick-or-treaters should be hyperventilating before they even step into your driveway.

DS18 has tons of products that can spookify the atmosphere of any setting.

Catch their eyes immediately with the blood-curdling combination of the PRO-X6.4BMRGB or PRO-X8.4BMRGB and the PRO-GRILL6RGB and PRO-GRILL8RGB.

The strong high frequencies produced by this speaker will send chills down everyone’s spine. The elevated 94dB sensitivity makes it easy to get these speakers to MAX volume without any distortion. Reach frequencies as high as 12KHz to let out some chilling screams that will cause your visitors to freeze in their tracks.

The integrated RGB resonator can help add terror to any atmosphere. You can enhance the horror even more with the addition of the PRO-GRILL6RGB, our universal speaker grill cover with RGB LED lights.


DS18 Halloween Audio


Create every frightening color imaginable with the LED-BTC! The LED-BTC helps your speakers create up to sixteen million colors and is controlled directly from your phone.

As soon as you see people coming up to your house, drown them in a cloud of scarlet red or ghastly green. Any mood you can think of is possible with the LED-BTC; the applications are truly endless!

If you’re looking to make them wet themselves this Halloween, upgrade your Halloween display with the TLV6.

DS18’s Amplified Self Powered Portable Party Speaker is also great for placing sound in certain areas of displays or events. Blast hair-raising sounds all throughout your yard or haunted house with ease when you use the TLV6.

The TLV6 has BT connectivity and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) for 100% accurate BT stereo sound. You won’t have to worry about this speaker dying on you either.

Battery life on a full charge is approximately 3.5 hours at max volume, and even longer at subtle volume levels. Scare trick-or-treaters all night long with the TLV6!

Solidify your spot as the scariest house in the neighborhood with professional audio gear from the experts at DS18.

DS18 Halloween Audio

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