DS18 Best Pro Audio Amplifiers Collection

DS18 Best Pro Audio Amplifiers Collection

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Kick your system into high gear with PRO Audio Amplifiers from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. DS18’s PRO Audio Amplifiers supply the purest power so your first-place sound system reproduces audio with crystal clear clarity on every use. Our PRO Audio Amplifiers are designed with competitive intent and manufactured with first-rate components so they can withstand the punishment that comes with dominant performance.

At DS18 our passion for all things audio guide in the development of our products. Years of powering show-stopping competition leading builds with our products has helped us recognize the amplifier as the most significant link in your sound system. Amplifiers set the standard for your connection to all other devices (such as cellphones, radios, and other audio sources), so settling here is unacceptable.

Finding professional quality amplifiers can be hard for newcomers seeing as how there aren’t any true specifications that separate a professional amplifier from a casual one. DS18 PRO Audio Amplifiers will help you feel the difference! When choosing an amplifier to cornerstone your build it’s important to know what exactly you need to get the most out of your system; the internal components, power output, sound production, connectivity options, style, and much more must be factored into your decision. Taking this into consideration, we’ve constructed a list of the best PRO Audio Amplifiers that can supercharge your build today!



Power your system with DS18’s ZR2000.1D: an amplifier that magnifies the sharpness and bass frequency responses of the sound reproduced by your speakers.

The ZR2000.1D comes with Lowpass and Subsonic filters so competitive builders can set their subwoofers to the perfect frequency for their preference.

Designed to pump out unyielding amounts of power that charges your speakers to their maximum potential. The ZR2000.1D comes with a bass knob to help attenuate bass to users listening preferences with a quick turn of the dial.

The Class-D Design on the ZR2000.1D gives it significant efficiency advantages by lowering the output-stage power dissipation causing your amplifier to produce less heat during those long jam sessions and extending battery life.

The ZR2000.1D is made to deliver 2000 watts RMS @ 1-Ohm, 1300 watts RMS @ 2-Ohms, and 800 watts RMS @ 4 ohms giving you the perfect power for your bass.

If you like it loud (like we do), then you can’t go wrong with the ZR Series.



DS18's critically acclaimed GFX-8K2 might be your perfect match. DS18’s GFX-8K2 gives you mind-blowing power in a miniature package.

The full bridge design on the GFX-8K2 maximizes the power of its premium components, while the heavy duty heat-sink and built-in cooling system allows for consistent performance.

The 8000W RMS of the GFX-8K2 is sure to give you enough charge to get a concert-quality experience every time you power up your build. Designed to handle a wide variety of speakers this amplifier is sure to provide concert quality audio on every use.

Guarantee top tier performance from your audio system with any amplifier from DS18's GFX series.



The DX4 Full Range Digital Amplifier was manufactured to power massive competitive builds without occupying massive amounts of space. This Deluxe Digital Amplifier’s chassis is sized to fit just about anywhere, perfect for fittings to motorcycle fairings and other spots most amplifiers would be unable to fit into.

What this amplifier doesn’t have in size, it makes up for in the production and maintenance of it’s power; the electronic components of this amplifier are attached to a printed circuit board (PCB) that allows it to maintain high efficiency even at low voltages and utilize surge protection features (such as speaker overload, short circuit, and low input voltage protection) which helps it provide unyielding power that maximizes your speakers to their production peak.

The Full Range capabilities on this amplifier allows it to cover the entire audio spectrum in terms of equipment. This amplifier will boost the quality of audio produced by all your components. At 3000W and Power Ratings of 150W x 4 at 4 ohms: 250W x 4 at 2 ohms: 480W x 2 at 4 ohms bridged; this amplifier has perfect power settings to cornerstone any competitive build.

With high pass and low pass filter options, this amp is flexible enough to boost mids, highs, and lows with unmatched accuracy for an ear opening audio experience.




The H-KO10 Hooligan SPL is DS18’s Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier designed to get window shattering bass from your systems subwoofers!

This Korean Half Bridge PRO Audio Amplifier is made with premium components and designed to maintain high levels of efficiency, so users never have to compromise on the power they send to their subwoofers.

The H-KO10 is a new 10,000 W RMS offering from DS18 to push a multitude or larger, high power subwoofers to the maximum all while using high quality half-bridge Korean mono block power. Because this amplifier has such massive headroom, we’ve built in Voltmeter, Clip Light, and Overload Protection Circuitry so you can monitor your power usage easily.

This amplifiers signal to noise ratio makes it perform extremely well in SPL (Sound Pressure Level)  and extremely loud bass demos, while maintaining an outstanding level of efficiency and output.

If you demand the most from your system and expect no compromises on power, then the H-KO10 is the best option for your build.


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