DS18 at the JPA Royal Car Rumble Maryland

DS18 at the JPA Royal Car Rumble Maryland

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I wasn’t expecting much from the plateaued track at Maryland International Raceway.
Of course, we planned on winning when we chose to participate in the JPA Royal Car Rumble: but, the brotherhood has always come first.

There was a ridiculous turnout at the ravined raceway, that’s to be expected from JPA.

Competitors and spectators gorged the grandstands while waiting for the competition to begin. Some of the larger teams took their positions on the track; my team and I were working on our builds and getting to know the folks in the crowd.

Sally, my 2009 MazdaSpeed3, gets a lot of love from the kids. Just like her namesake, the character from The Nightmare Before Christmas, she’s the true hero in this story.

We wouldn’t have even had a chance at last place without her performance. I got a lot of help from Mr. DS18 (Rob) when I was putting her together. It was magical watching everything come together, and even more spectacular finally getting to see her in action.

DS18 JPA Royal Rumble Car Show

Every other team at the show was putting together these huge builds in separation, friction in its purest form: but our squad worked in complete harmony, the brotherhood pushing everyone past their limits. When the competition started, the symphony of sounds blaring from Sally’s system was just too much for the rest of the competitors to handle.

I was excited to have won but doing it with my brothers made it even more worthwhile.
We’re hoping to come to Florida soon, so Rob can get a taste of what Sally offers.

No matter where I go though, the family will always be right there with me.


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