Campeones del Chipeo 2022 in Puerto Rico.

Campeones del Chipeo 2022 in Puerto Rico.

DS18 & Arecibos Motorsports in Puerto Rico.

Crystal clear audio under clear blue skies were the vibes at Arecibos Motorsports in Puerto Rico this past weekend.

A symphony of sound was the fanfare for #TeamBryan and #TeamChiqui at this year’s Campeones Del Chipeo event.

There had to be at least five thousand people in attendance to watch the gritty seven-build competition.

Members of the DS18 family were there to support #TeamBryan on his local stomping grounds and #TeamChiqui from Lakeland, Florida. 

#TeamBryan and #TeamChiqui pieced together some extraordinary builds using a surplus of professional-grade equipment from yours truly.

These first-rate pieces of equipment combined with the sound performance prowess of #TeamBryan, #TeamChiqui, and a couple of other good friends led DS18 to a first-place positioning in seven different competitions.

 #TeamBryan and #TeamChiqui’s builds led to DS18 winning first place in four of the head-to-head competition mode battles where our builds displayed striking clarity that roared through the exotic landscape.

While in the metered competitions, Torditos Music and Supremacy Auto Designs found their peak frequencies to end up placing first three times.

We’ll be back to take another stab at excellence when the boys at Pa La Calle News come on our turf bringing even more marvelous builds to boot.

At DS18 we strive for nothing short of perfection, and this weekend’s showing at the Campeones Del Chipeo 2022 event was all in a day’s work. 

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