DS18 at Knowledge Fest 2022 | Orlando Florida

DS18 at Knowledge Fest 2022 | Orlando Florida

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2022 Knowledge Fest Orlando FL 

Ds18 will be debuting the new Bronco series with a 2022 bronco they have built to showcase the industry what's hot and new.

This is the final result of the Iron Bronco by Ds18.



The highlights of this three-day event come in the form of professional educational workshops, substantial opportunities for networking, multiple training sessions featuring revolutionary new manufacturing methods, and an exhibit floor filled with the top brands in the industry. Attending the workshops and training sessions hosted by this event has given us the means to grow our business and receive even more phenomenal feedback from our valued customers.




We at DS18 urge all manufacturers and inquisitive customers to attend this event held by the Mobile Electronics Association team to inform themselves on the newest methods and practices in the industry.

See you at the event.

  • Education Workshops
  • Manufacturer Training
  • Beer & Business
  • Mobile Electronics Exhibits
  • And More




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