DS18 at the 8th annual Florida Truck Meet

DS18 at the 8th annual Florida Truck Meet

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Florida Truck Meet

The 8th annual Florida Truck Meet is being held at the Homestead Miami Speedway this year. 

DS18 invites you to immerse yourself further in the world of trucks at the largest truck show in the world, featuring three whole days of trucks, trucks, and more trucks.

The Florida Truck Meet provides a space once a year for all truck enthusiasts to come together and show their pride and joy.

After garnering over fifty thousand spectators, five thousand show trucks, and almost two and a half miles of vendor booths at last year's event, the City of Daytona Beach requested that the Truck Meet no longer be held in their city. Luckily, the Homestead-Miami Speedway and the surrounding area showed great interest and enthusiasm for the Florida Truck Meet and allowed the team to host their event there.

Join the DS18 family in their exploration of this new location and help the Florida Truck Meet further itself as the largest event in the Show Truck Community.

Register today.

  • Free Public Pre-Party
  • Truck Show
  • Burn Out Contest
  • Bikini Contest
  • Awards Ceremony Party
  • And More


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