DS18 Perfect Fathers Day Gifts

DS18 Perfect Fathers Day Gifts

Did you get your Dad something for Father’s Day? Has he told you it doesn’t matter so much you’re starting to believe him? Every Father wants to feel special and appreciated on Father’s Day, so if you’re still searching for a gift, look no further. The sound specialists at DS18 have put together some recommendations that are sure to show Dad just how much you care about him.

The key to getting someone an unforgettable gift is getting them something they will always use but didn’t know they needed. Think about your father for a second. Where does he spend most of his time? Is he a DIY-er? Does he tend to work on his crafts in the garage? Or is he the type to get the grill out on the patio and have a BBQ? Wherever your father spends most of his time, if he’s anything like the guys at DS18 he’d enjoy that spot a little more if it were upgraded with some professional grade audio equipment.

If Dad’s always on the go then the DS18 TLV6 Amplified Self Powered Portable Party Speaker is sure to deliver sound that will bring the entire neighborhood out. This speaker is the ultimate in portable party speakers. It has BT connectivity and also TWS (True Wireless Stereo) for 100% accurate BT stereo sound: but, if Dad is a classic man, the TLV6 also has FM, Aux Jack, and Mic In Capabilities. This portable speaker also comes with a rechargeable battery: Battery life on a full charge is approximately 3.5 hours at max volume and longer at subtle volume levels. At a weight of 12.5lb it can be carried or packed without strain so Dad can take the party with him virtually anywhere.

If Dad has a man cave he’s always dwelling in, then the DS18 ZL-X15BT Exclusive ZUMBA LOUD™ Powered Speaker System might be a better choice for him. The Zumba Loud™ powered speaker cabinet is designed to blast pristine quality sound while maintaining an extremely loud volume. This cabinet will be sure to deliver earth-shattering bass to Dad’s cave with a 2-way monster-powered 15-inch PRO-Z15 DS18 Loudspeaker. This speaker is backed by the PRO-DR1.75, our impressive 1.75-inch driver operated by a powerful 1000 Watts MAX amplifier (250 RMS Watts). The ZL-X15BT will be there for you when you need super loud, distortion-free music that is portable and powerful on the go, in your home, studio, or anywhere else.

Maybe Dad is a biker. Does he get exhilarated as his adrenaline rises with the speed of his bike? Is he skilled enough to lean into the turns he makes on the corners of the highway? DS18 provides a whole line of speakers for the motorhead in your family.

Our PRO-CF line of loudspeakers are perfect for all motor vehicles, but work especially well in motorcycles. These speakers are centered around a Neodymium magnet, with super strong rubber surround, and high tech carbon fiber cones that gives not only great looks, but very high sensitivity levels for an amazing water resistant speaker that you can play loud and clear out in the elements. The PRO-CF6.2NR handles great power; rated at 250 watts RMS and 500 watts max, this powerhouse of a speaker can reach extreme volume levels with ease.

A lot of Dad’s are in love with their off-road’s. No matter what goes on during their day, you can find them tinkering with their rig in the garage until all times of the night.

If Dad’s a 4WD’er we’ve got something for him here too. The DS18 HYDRO All Elements Series is comprised of many components and accessories to make any build imaginable come to life.

With over 50 marine grade compliant products, we have whatever you need for your ATV, UTV, Side by Side, Boat or anything in between. The product we’d recommend from this line is the DS18 HYDRO SBAR30BT. This DS18 Sound Bar/Waterproof Speaker System is perfect for any dad who wants to add a cool, LOUD, clean sounding, slick set up in their ATV or UTV. This sound bar is sure to make a statement whether on the road or off of it.

You could get your Dad absolutely anything and he’d love it without a doubt: but, you’re bound to find something he’ll really love somewhere in our long line of products. If you’re still hesitant on getting him something from our shop, we’ll sweeten the deal even more: use code DAD10 at check out to get 10% off on any product in our catalog.

What else could you be waiting for? Dad’s gift isn’t going to buy itself.

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