What is a DS18 RY-KIT Installation Kit? How Is It Used?

What is a DS18 RY-KIT Installation Kit? How Is It Used?

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Your sound system is only as strong as the amplifier powering it. The more complex your sound system becomes the more amplifiers you need to power it.

This is especially true for Harley Davidson sound systems; most Harley Davidson owners who begin to expand their builds for the best sound possible eventually reach a point where they need to install more than one amplifier to turn their systems up a notch. Wiring this extra amplifier into your Harley’s sound system can be very complicated, so to make the process a thousand times easier the experts at DS18 have constructed the RY-KIT.HD – our latest wiring kit for Harley Davidson models from 1996 and later, including the Electra Glide (FLHT), Street Glide (FLHX), Road Glide (FLTR) and some TRIKE’s.

Proper wiring is just as important to your sound system’s performance as your components are. Your sound systems wires are the veins that run from the heart of your system (your amplifier) and help deliver wattage to your components. DS18’s high-quality wires are fundamental in efficiently delivering power and signal to components that make up many top-of-the-line systems.

DS18’s RY-KIT’s include everything needed to make your installation seamless and get your amplifier functioning properly: OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) tinned wires for stronger connections, higher conduction, and resistance against corrosion caused by the elements; properly gauged and color coordinated power and ground wires; and are supported by an in-line waterproof fuse holder with fuses already installed.

Our RY-KIT’s simplify the installation of an amplifier into your Harley Davidson a thousand times by: supplying wires ready for installation as soon as the package is opened and with ample length for creative control over the installation and placement of your amplifier.

Mr. DS18 displays the ease of application of our newest RY-KIT’s in his latest Tech Talk video: take a look if you’re struggling with using your brand new RY-KIT!

Order your RY-KIT today to get your bike louder and clearer than ever before!


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