DS18 celebrates Fourth of July – Independence Day

DS18 celebrates Fourth of July – Independence Day

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If you’re looking to make rockets’ red glare at your Independence Day BBQ this year, it’s important that you have enough tunes to keep the party going all night long. If anyone knows how to bring any party to its climax it’s the team at DS18.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our bestselling products that can help you keep the party alive everywhere you go this summer. 

Our biggest seller by far is one of the most versatile and volume magnifying speakers in our catalog: the DS18 PRO-X6.4BM. This mid-range loudspeaker brings festival season sounds anywhere you need them: the car, on your stunt walls, it can even be applied as the centerfold in a DIY project.

These speakers can fit anywhere and still crank up the volume without any distortion. Dial these mid-ranges to their max and enjoy crystal clear quality on levels you’ve never experienced.
Even better, the 1.5” voice coil has been temperature tested to endure the hottest part of the summer solstice without breaking a sweat so you can blast your favorite music until the party ends!



No party vitalizing sound system would be complete without a pair of our best-selling tweeters: the DS18 PRO-TW120. These professional-grade super tweeters have out-of-this-world accuracy at the highest of frequencies.

The bullet dust cover on these tweeters protects the voice coil and helps shoot high frequencies over the noise from the rest of your speakers.
These tweeters are sold in pairs and complement the aforementioned DS18 PRO-X6.4BM’s.
Their size makes them versatile enough to be used almost anywhere with minimal installation efforts. These Pro Audio tweeters are sure to help every sound system bring any party it hosts to live.

Show up in your stylish chopper to every party this summer with our bestselling motorcycle speakers.
The DS18 Pro-ZT6 is our best-selling water-resistant speaker; it delivers striking clarity in the noisiest of storms, is a design built to endure every element, and maintains an extremely efficient power rating.
These tough speakers include a built-in tweeter that fills the range of frequencies and is sure to reach max volumes at max speeds. These speakers are perfect for any biker that always seems to end up caught in those unpredictable summer showers.



Of our bestsellers, nothing compares to DS18’s NXL-X8 series: NXL-X8TP/RD, NXL-X8TP/BK, NXL-X8TP/WH, CF-X8TP.
These tower speakers are an undeniable choice for the summer adventurer looking for durable, volume projecting speakers for all of their marine vehicles.

Combined with our quality high-strength clamps these speakers are able to be installed anywhere imaginable with ease. The versatility in the application doesn’t stop there: these tower speakers can fit in any vehicle's sound system, on land or at sea.
With a multitude of colors at your disposal, these coaxial speakers are sure to turn and bob some heads at every celebration held this summer.

No matter how you intend on celebrating this season, DS18 has everything you’ll need to help bring the party to its climax this summer.


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