DS18 Sound COVID-19 Pandemic update:


 DS18 is still open and shipping out orders, however due to safety concerns for our employees and customers we have now transitioned into most our staff working from home and a very limited crew working the warehouse shipping orders out. DS18 is open and we will not be closing but shipping times may be slightly delayed based on order quantities. We will have your items out asap so you can continue your builds and enjoy your music in this hectic time.

 Our full staff has transitioned into working from home several weeks ago and can still handle all your questions, concerns, and requests just as they would in the office. However, we have sent our warranty and returns home until we have a much clearer view of what comes to play out within the weeks to come. We request all returns, warranty, and repair requests to be held off until a later date when we are back fully functional again.


Warehouse and Office Teams:


Our office staff has been working remotely which was recommended by the State of Florida and are ready to help you in the normal fashion you are accustomed to. Weeks before the work from order was received, DS18 was already practicing safe distancing and sanitizing in the office and warehouse. Be sure our warehouse staff is also taking every precaution to ensure your products come handled with care using the correct protective gear for your safety and their own.


Please feel free to contact us at 954-924-1213 or chat with us online via our website chat!


All warranty, returns, and repairs questions please contact support@ds18.com so you can arrange to be contacted when we are fully operational.



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