Best Marine Head Unit: Comparing DS18’s MRX Series

Best Marine Head Unit: Comparing DS18’s MRX Series

The MRX Series by DS18 offers marine head units with a wide range of features: Bluetooth connectivity, customizable LED lighting, touch screen displays, and premium sound output for perfect sessions on every adventure. With models tailored for any marine or off-road audio system, you can find the perfect receiver today!

DS18’s Premium Marine Head Units

DS18’s MRX Series is the top choice for any marine enthusiast. Applicable in boats, ATV’s, or any other off-road application: these head units are built for the bold. Each member of this series brings unique features to the table, guaranteeing a perfect match for every marine audio setup.

DS18’s MRX1

The MRX1 was designed for precise sound control and durability. Its compact design is perfect for any application, offering powerful sound output and strong connectivity options.

Ride The Waves

The MRX1 is built tough, designed with an IPX6 resistance rating to protect against the worst any environment could offer. Its robust construction guarantees longevity, reliability, and application in any marine audio system.

Enhanced Connectivity

The MRX1 features Bluetooth V4.2 for easy connection to any Bluetooth device, so you can access all your audio at any time. The built-in USB port offers hassle-free music transfer and rapid device charging so the MRX1 keeps your devices charged for the whole adventure. With three high-quality outputs for easy integration and a wideband AM/FM receiver, you can also enjoy your favorite local radio stations.

Precise Sound Control

Take charge of your audio with adjustable bass, treble, balance, fade, EQ, loudness, and Subwoofer crossover settings. Choose from preset EQ options like FLAT, POP, ROCK, CLASSICAL, or fine-tune your settings to suit your preferences.

Get superior sound quality EASY with 4x15W RMS at 4-ohms and 4x20W RMS at 2-ohms. Expect exceptional audio clarity and depth with 4V preamp outputs, ensuring your music sounds as good as it should.

Get Yours

DS18’s MRX1 is the ultimate companion for marine enthusiasts who demand exceptional sound. Whether you're looking to upgrade your boat's audio system or enhance your off-road vehicle's entertainment setup, the MRX1 delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

DS18’s MRX100

Engineered with upgraded materials and a compact design, the MRX100 is the epitome of versatility and durability.

Durability And Design

Constructed with durability in mind – the MRX100 features a robust design held together by a Gorilla Glass Screen with OCA Full Bonding.
With an IPX6 rating, the MRX100 is waterproof and built to withstand exposure to UV rays and salt. This unit is also packing a voltmeter that alerts you when voltage is low so your gear runs at its peak during every session.

Advanced Connectivity

Connecting is easy with the MRX100, offering Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with an extended range. Easily stream music from your phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The included USB and AUX inputs allow you to connect additional devices so you never miss out on any of your favorite audio.

You can also enjoy over 37 preset radio stations directly from the receiver, eliminating the need for an external device.

Complete Sound Control

Take full control of your audio experience with the MRX100: dial in the perfect audio experience with adjustable bass, treble, balance, fade, EQ, loudness, and Subwoofer crossover settings.

The MRX100 also features 2 zones with independent level and tone control, letting you fine-tune your settings to their respective areas. Take advantage of the 2-band EQ and subwoofer output with adjustable level and LPF for a fully personalized audio experience.

With 7 channels and 4 volts pre-amp RCA outputs for all zones, you can integrate the MRX100 into complex audio systems. The speaker output delivers up to 25W x 4 continuously and up to 50W x 4 musically. Plus, the vibrant LCD display with RGB keys lets you switch up your system’s theme anytime.

The Best Marine Head Unit Upgrade

With a rugged design, advanced connectivity options, and precise sound control features, the MRX100 offers the ultimate audio experience on the water, off-road, or wherever your adventures take you.

DS18’s MRX150

Take your marine and powersports audio systems to the next level with DS18’s MRX150! This advanced receiver is packed with features designed for professional quality audio!

Built To Last

The MRX150 is tough as nails with a Gorilla Glass screen with OCA Full Bonding. Its IPX6 waterproof rating protects it from powerful water streams at any angle. UV rays and saltwater corrosion don't stand a chance against this beast of a receiver. Plus, the built-in voltmeter keeps you informed and your vehicle's battery protected.

Supreme Connectivity

The MRX150 is limitless! With an AM/FM/WB tuner featuring 37 presets (18 FM, 12 AM, 7 WB), Bluetooth v5.0 for flawless audio streaming, and versatile USB and AUX inputs, this beast ensures you stay connected no matter where you are.

Experience audio streaming at its finest with Bluetooth v5.0 and A2DP support, as well as built-in ID3 Tag Display so you can stay informed on what you’re listening to.

The USB port supports up to 64Gb of MP3/WMA/WAV files and doubles as a 2.1 Amp charger, keeping your devices powered and your music library full. Plus, with RCA audio inputs, a video camera input, and compatibility with the MXRC wired remote control, your connectivity options are endless.

Total Sound Control

Take full control of your audio experience with the MRX150: customize your bass, treble, balance, fade, EQ, loudness, and Subwoofer crossover settings to your personal sound preferences.

With 7 channels and 4 volts pre-amp RCA output (all zones), you can integrate the MRX150 into complex audio systems. The speaker output delivers up to 25W x 4 RMS and up to 50W x 4 MAX.

The MRX150 also features 2 zones with independent level control, 2-band EQ, and subwoofer output with adjustable level and low pass filter for an audio experience tailor made for you.

The vibrant LCD display with RGB keys allows you to switch up the theme of your system anytime.

Marine Audio Just Got Easier

Built for those who refuse to settle for anything less than the best: the MRX150 offers superior connectivity, indestructible durability, and flawless performance.

DS18’s MRX2

Dominate the waves with DS18’s MRX2, a marine head unit designed to conquer any challenge.

Built To Conquer

The MRX2 is the perfect choice for boats, ATVs, and off-road vehicles. Its user-friendly design expands on the MRX150 to include an easy-to-read LCD display and illuminated keys for optimal visibility in any environment.

Limitless Connectivity

The MRX2 takes functionality to new heights with Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR, effortlessly pairing with your phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music wirelessly using A2DP.

The 2A USB port not only transfers music seamlessly but also charges your device rapidly with a charging capacity of 2.1A.

The MRX2 supports up to 64Gb Max capacity for MP3 and WMA audio files. This unit is also compatible with the MXRC Remote Control through a 3.5mm Jack Input.

Personal Sound Paradise

Customize your bass, treble, balance, fade, EQ, loudness, and Subwoofer crossover settings so your music sounds exactly the way you want it. Featuring 7 channels and 4 volts pre-amp RCA output across all zones, the MRX2 integrates into even the most complex audio systems. Expect nothing less than crystal-clear sound with the speaker output delivering up to 25W x 4 RMS and up to 50W x 4 MAX.

Further your audio regulation with 2 zones of independent level control, allowing you to tailor the audio in different areas of your vehicle. The 2-band EQ and subwoofer output with adjustable level and low pass filter further enhance the audio quality.

Its CT sync functionality and precise audio adjustments provides a listening experience made for you, by you.

Dominate Your Audio Environment

The MRX2 is the key to dominating any marine audio environment, whether you’re off-road, on water, or somewhere in between.

DS18’s MRX300 and MRX300D

DS18’s MRX300 and MRX300D are the latest and greatest head units to be added to our MRX Series.

Built For You

Built tough with an IPX6 water-resistance rating and UV/salt resistance, add this receiver to your system EASILY thanks to its universal round mounting hole.
The 3" full-color TFT display with Gorilla Glass is tough against scratches and water damage, while its 7-color backlit buttons allow you to customize your system's theme whenever you want.

Unrestricted Connectivity

Connect effortlessly via Bluetooth V5.0, USB, AUX, rearview camera input, and AM/FM Tuner.
The MRX300D comes with DAB+ Compatibility with 30 presets installed for easy station access, allowing it to receive Digital Audio Broadcasting signals. For those who don’t know, DAB is the latest in broadcasting technology, transmitting audio farther and cleaner than ever before. Plus, get detailed information about your music, including song titles, artists, and album covers, so you always know what you're listening to.

Complete Control

With a maximum power output of 4 x 50W at 2 ohms and stable operation down to 2 ohms per channel, this unit ensures powerful and clear sound reproduction across three independent audio zones, including stereo and subwoofer controls. Enjoy precise equalizer settings with 2-band adjustment (Bass 80Hz, Treble 12KHz), along with a high-quality RCA pre-out voltage of 4.5 volts for seamless connectivity to external amplifiers or subwoofers. Control every aspect of your audio with independent zone control for level and tone, complemented by an L+R RCA auxiliary input for added versatility.

Ideal for marine environments, the MRX300 is designed for exceptional sound quality and control.

What’s The Difference?

  • DS18 MRX300: Perfect for extensive radio presets and versatile connectivity options.
  • DS18 MRX300D: Ideal for advanced audio performance and comprehensive connectivity inputs.

Choose the MRX300 for its extensive customization options and broad range of radio presets.

Choose the MRX300D for its superior audio power and enhanced connectivity capabilities.

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to make your marine audio experience perfect with the best marine head units on the market? Order one of the marine head units from DS18's MRX Series – it was designed just for you.

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