DS18 Toyota Highlander Audio Update or Audio Replacement

DS18 Toyota Highlander Audio Update or Audio Replacement

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The enthusiastic ride of the Toyota Highlander deserves a passional and professional audio system that reaches extreme volume levels with an unyielding urgency. The massive amount of space available for customization allowed the experts at DS18 to let their imaginations run wild.

The Highlander has the unique smoothness and longevity you expect from all Toyota vehicles available on the market, meaning it will be there for you AND your kids when it’s time to finally pass down the keys. We can’t even begin counting the journeys your vehicle still has to take, so upgrading your factory audio system could help make those journeys your vehicle still has to take, so upgrading your factory audio system could help make those journeys even more memorable.

The factory audio system in the Highlander is good enough but doesn’t perform on levels that would inspire even the novice audio enthusiast. If you’re looking to install any upgrades to your Toyota Highlander’s audio system, your best bet would be to replace your entire system with one of our exclusive instant upgrade packages.

Any Upgrade Package from DS18 is the most effective way of bringing professional quality audio to your vehicle’s sound system. The experts at DS18 run various SQ checks on several products; match the ones that work best together; then compile packages for users to purchase all the equipment needed to amplify the resonance and vibrancy of their sound systems instantly.

As of right now, the Toyota Highlander is the centerpiece of a trio of upgrade packages ranked by the quality of sound reproduced by the speakers:

Each package provides a unique way of achieving the full range of frequencies and includes everything you need for a successful long-lasting installation. The packages improve upon themselves as the degree of comparison (Good, Better, Best) increases.

The Good Toyota Highlander Upgrade Package is the most cost-effective and efficient way of achieving concert-quality sound in your favorite SUV.

Loaded with 4 coaxial speakers from DS18’s GEN-X series this package gives users affordable access to professional quality audio. Mylar balanced dome tweeters on all included speakers extend the range of frequencies to levels as high as 20KHz.

ds18 Toyota Highlander Audio Update or Audio Replacement

The ingenious 4-way and 3-way design (on the 6.5” speakers and the 6 x 9” speakers respectively) allow users to distinguish between the full range of frequencies for themselves. Every speaker in this package also has dashing mesh grills with red accents for users to enjoy their favorite tunes in style.


The Better Toyota Highlander Upgrade Package equips SUV’s with an innovative sound system that delivers extraordinary sound quality with unmatched efficiency.

The four ZXI 2-way coaxial speakers (the ZXI-694 and the ZXI-654) included in the Better Toyota Highlander Upgrade Package guarantee a full range of frequencies for an audio experience that you will truly remember. DS18’s ZXI series of speakers is a novel product of the intuitiveness of our team of engineers.

This versatile line of speakers reaches extreme volume levels instantly and has minimal amounts of distortion. The Kevlar used in manufacturing these speakers provide them with outstanding longevity and superior loudness. The chic show quality design on all these speakers is bound to turn a few heads and make a couple of people jealous.

The aforementioned packages, The Good Toyota Highlander Upgrade Package and The Better Toyota Highlander Upgrade Package, both give users amplifiers from our GEN-X line of equipment: the GEN-X900.4 and the GEN-X1600.4 respectively.

The GEN-X series amplifier was made to maximize the audio quality of any speakers attached to it. These High-Quality Class AB amps are used dominantly by SQ competitors around the world to ensure they have the clearest and most pure signal and sound. Even more of a boost to the already professional audio quality speakers included in both packages.

Last but certainly not least, The Best Toyota Highlander Upgrade Package will intensify your sound system by heightening the clarity, upgrading the efficiency, and boosting the power of all your audio equipment. In the pursuit of perfection, the design team at DS18 is always looking to upgrade on the key factors that put us a grade above the industry standard: sensitivity, frequency ranges, surround materials, and power handling are among the most important factors in every piece of our equipment’s designs.

The EXL-SQ line of speakers included in this package (the EXL-SQ6.9 and the EXL-SQ6.5) brings it all with high strength glass fiber cone, advanced PEI dome tweeter, and neodymium magnets. These high-quality materials guarantee impeccable sound quality and extreme durability.

It also comes with the G1800.4D, a redesigned amplifier from the GEN-X series designed to surpass the high standards of audio enthusiasts everywhere and supercharge every system with high-grade efficiency.

As a Class D Amplifier, this charging instrument brings clarity to the signal by removing high-frequency noise from your audio signal.

The G1800.4D has a power rating of 4x150 watts RMS at 4 ohms 4x230 watts RMS at 2 ohms, 2x430 watts at a 4-ohm bridge, and 1800 watts MAX at the ohm load it was designed for. This amp will fit in the tightest of spaces, and top-of-the-line internal technologies will keep your amp fresh during the longest of jam sessions.

Every package comes with the PRO-ST and AMPKIT 4. The PRO-ST is the best factory replacement speaker for some Subaru or Toyota Vehicles for its ease of use and quality increase from the factory speakers. It has been fitted and tested for quality assurance in the 2008 and 2019 models of the Toyota Highlander. The striking quality difference between these speakers and those speakers and the ones in your dashboard will blow you away.


Use the AMP KIT 4 to make installation easier than ever. Everything you need is compiled in one convenient package with instructions so concise and clear you’ll have your new system running in record time.

Make your life easier with instant upgrade packages from the professionals at DS18. The equipment we carry is guaranteed to bring out the best in your audio system.

Order now to experience the best in sound!

ds18 Toyota Highlander Audio Update or Audio Replacement


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