DS18 Supercharges Big5’s Jeep Audio System

DS18 Supercharges Big5’s Jeep Audio System

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At DS18, we’re all Jeep enthusiasts: and as one of the leading manufacturers of Jeep Audio Products in the world, we have to be. We manufacture products that accommodate every make, model, and build: so every Jeep can get LOUD!

That's why when the team over at BIG5 told us they needed a demo vehicle to take on the road with them, Mr. DS18 jumped at the opportunity to contribute. Most companies give out plastic trophies, or framed plaques: but with the help of Diego from Veloz Audio, Mr. DS18 was able to go all in for one of our biggest distributors.

DS18's expertise in Jeep audio customization

Jeeps are known for their otherworldly durability and insane off-roading capabilities: but what about the sound system? Many people overlook this aspect, but for true Jeepers, having a quality system is just as important as having a powerful engine.

Jeep Audio Systems should be able to withstand the elements and deliver clear and powerful sound; handle the bumps and vibrations that come with off-roading, without compromising on sound quality; and be versatile enough to cater to different types of music and audio preferences. That’s where DS18 comes in.

Mr. DS18 understands the unique challenges and requirements that come with outfitting a Jeep with a LOUD audio system. He’s built his reputation on delivering top-notch audio solutions that can withstand any conditions. With years of experience, in Diego from Veloz Audio and the rest of #TEAMDS18, Mr. DS18 knew this BIG5 build was about to turn things up a notch!

How DS18 supercharged Big5's Jeep audio system

Big5, the largest wholesale car audio distributor in Southern California, wanted a system that could deliver powerful sound both on and off the road. DS18 took on the challenge and designed a customized audio setup that would exceed their expectations:

DS18 JL-SBAR/BK Overhead Sound Bar System for JL/JLU,JT Gladiator Jeeps (4 X 8" Speakers 4 X 3.78"Tweeters)

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the JL-SBAR is constructed from ultra-tough injection-molded plastic, ensuring it withstands the rigors of any Jeep lifestyle. With the JL-SBAR, DS18 brings the art of sound to the heart of Big5's Jeep. Its durable construction and carefully chosen speaker arrangement (Four 8” Speakers and Four 3.78” Tweeters), acts as the foundation for the perfect soundstage.

DS18 JP6 Jeep JL/JLU/JT Loaded 6.5" Dash Enclosure JT Left and Right 150W RMS

There’s no better speaker than the JP6 for users looking to fill out their Jeep Wrangler’s front stage frequencies.

This Plug and Play Dash Enclosure is furnished with high strength neodymium midrange speakers, the PRO-JP6NEO, for an expansive covering of the midrange frequencies. The JP6 reaches extreme volumes at a lower power requirement than other mid-range loudspeakers.

Plug this enclosure directly into your existing system and get maximum loudness immediately!

DS18 FRP-5K Hooligan KO 1-Channel Amplifier With Voltmeter 10000W RMS @ 1-Ohm (Made In Korea)

DS18's FRP-5K is the powerhouse that takes DS18's Big5 Jeep to the next level. With a staggering 5000W power output at 1-Ohm, this amplifier stands out for several key features.

The FRP-5K delivers outstanding power and unparalleled audio quality, making it a game-changer in car audio. With 1500W RMS @ 4-Ohm, 2900W RMS @ 2-Ohm, and a whopping 5000W RMS @ 1-Ohm, it provides the perfect settings to supercharge any vehicle.

Its micro digital design maximizes power output while minimizing energy consumption, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. The variable full crossover filters allow users to fine-tune their sound, making it suitable for Bass, Mids, or Highs, depending on Band-Pass Adjustments.

Equipped with power, protection, and clipping LED indicators, the FRP-5K offers real-time feedback on its status. It features short circuit thermal, DC offset, and high/low voltage protection, ensuring the safety of both the amplifier and the vehicle.

The compact size and Tiffany RCA Terminals make installation a breeze. Available in three different colors (blue, titanium, or red), the FRP-5K adds a touch of style to any audio system.

Incorporating the FRP-5K into the Big5 Jeep ensures a powerful and customizable audio experience, making it a must-have for enthusiasts seeking top-tier car audio solutions.

These products are enough to push any Jeep past it’s limit, but we didn’t stop there. DS18's team of experts examined every component, from the speakers to the wiring, to determine the best course of action. They then carefully selected and installed two of our EXTREMELY LOUD Hooligan Subwoofers, and a stack of our PRO-Series speakers – getting the BIG5 Jeep ready for the road.

The results

After the installation was complete, it was time for Mr. DS18 to put the Jeep to the test. He snuck off for a ride underneath the Golden Glades Interchange so he could get as LOUD as he wanted. You can check out the supercharged ride here!

If you want your Jeep to be as loud and powerful as Big5's, tap in with DS18. Our expertise and commitment to excellence can transform any Jeep.

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