DS18 receives a Big Life Journal Donation

DS18 receives a Big Life Journal Donation

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The DS18 Family received an exclusive package from the good folks in charge of Big Life Journal.

At DS18 we are always looking for ways to progress: on our designs, on our development approach, and most importantly on ourselves.

Big Life Journal produces evidence-informed journals tailored around helping foster self-confidence and patience in people everywhere. These self-improvement journals are intended for adults (18+ years).

DS18 Big Life Journal Donation

Every journal is packed with practical lessons and easy, thoughtful writing prompts that will help you develop a positive mindset and create the life you want.

The most fascinating part of the book is the idea of having and maintaining a growth mindset in the face of failure. Individuals with a growth mindset never see failures as the end of their journey.

If you don’t have a growth mindset, then it’s possible you have a fixed mindset. The clearest signifier of a fixed mindset is a belief that there is no room for you to grow at all.

This shows itself in ways like rejecting new things, avoiding things that seem challenging, and being envious of other people’s accomplishments.

DS18 Big Life Journal Donation

No one is born with these qualities. All these things are learned over time based on our interactions with people and how we choose to react. Although it may be challenging, there is no better time to correct these behaviors than right now.

With a Big Life Journal, anyone can enjoy guided self-reflection while developing a mindset geared towards helping them grow and reach their fullest potential.

The team at DS18 has already implemented a lot of the ideas introduced in the journals and we recommend it to everyone!

DS18 Big Life Journal Donation



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