DS18 Mexico's Pro Audio Showcase on Wheels: "La Chulada"

DS18 Mexico's Pro Audio Showcase on Wheels: "La Chulada"

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Nobody loves their distributors more than #TEAMDS18! That’s why we gifted DS18 Mexico "La Chulada": a Ram ProMaster designed as the ultimate showcase for the dynamic Powersports and Pro Audio catalog we’ve curated over the last year.

DS18 Mexico is a trailblazer in the Latin American audio industry, thanks to the pivotal part they’ve played in bringing more attention to car audio in Mexico. They consistently deliver cutting-edge audio systems tailored to the diverse needs of their car audio community. Let’s take a look at DS18 Mexico’s latest masterpiece and explore the vehicle and audio products that make it LOUD!



The Ram ProMaster: The Perfect Foundation for the DS18 Mexico Demo Build

With the Ram ProMaster as its backbone, La Chulada unleashes unstoppable force.

While traditional full-size vans rely on rear-wheel drive, the Ram ProMaster's front-wheel-drive configuration is perfect for navigating through the tight streets of Mexico City.

The ProMaster's user-centric interior sets the stage for MAX engagement. Its unit-body cab and lowered floor create a spacious, ergonomic environment, with the lowest step-in height and highest ceiling in its class. The ProMaster's expansive interior offers limitless possibilities, ensuring that our products get the shine they deserve.


The Showcase: A Closer Look at the Custom Stunt Wall Designed For DS18 Mexico

Enter the Promaster’s Barn Doors and prepare to be immersed in a symphony of power and precision, courtesy of DS18's finest:

  • PRO-HP102 2" Throat Bolt On 35 degrees 4.84" Depth Plastic Horn - Chrome Gold: With a sleek chrome gold finish, this horn delivers SCREAMING highs that capture ears of enthusiasts all across the world.
  • 12XL1500MB-4 PRO CL 12" Mid-Bass Loudspeaker 750W RMS 4-Ohm: These 12" Mid-Bass Loudspeakers pack an intense punch, because every system deserves dynamic midrange power.
  • HOOL-X15.4DSPL Hooligan X 15" SPL Fiber Glass Cone Subwoofer 4000W RMS 4" DVC 4-OHM: The Sub, The Myth, The Legend! Prepare for thunderous bass! These Hooligan X subwoofers, featuring a fiberglass cone, unleash colossal power.
  • FRP-3.5K Full-Range Class D 1-Channel Amplifier 3500W RMS@ 1-Ohm: Debuting in fiery red and tough titanium, these Full-Range Class D amplifiers serve as the driving force behind the relentless power of La Chulada, delivering an awe-inspiring 3500W RMS at 1-Ohm.

We give extensive amounts of attention to every single detail so our audio systems captivate audiences worldwide, and La Chulada knows how to get the party started.

Enhancing the Audio Experience

In the world of car audio, sound quality reigns supreme. That’s why we've integrated the DBPX200.MX into our Ram ProMaster build.

Featuring a host of advanced features, the DBPX200.MX allows for precise control over bass frequencies. Its hi-level speaker inputs made it fit perfectly into the Promaster’s system, while the dual knob dash mount remote control helped the team make convenient on-the-go adjustments.


Operating efficiently within a voltage range of 9-16V and consuming minimal power, the DBPX200.MX is the epitome of efficiency and performance. With LED indicators signaling power and bass enhancement, you'll always stay informed about your audio system's status. Not to mention, the DBPX200.MX's input load selector, subsonic filter, and selectable auto turn-on features add an extra layer of customization and convenience to the ProMaster's audio setup.

Combined with its durable construction and compact design, the DBPX200.MX was the only choice for elevating the Ram ProMaster's audio experience to new heights and showcasing the spirit of Mexico's love for superior sound quality.

Powersports Presentation: Why "La Chulada"?

As stated above, the RAM Promaster’s interior is one of the most spacious and ergonomic environments among the traditional full-size vans available on the market today.

Rather than limiting ourselves to traditional methods of display, such as building a whole motorcycle, we thought, “Why not leverage the Promaster's expansive interior to demonstrate the versatility of our products in various applications?” It's way more practical and lets us show off how our gear can fit into different rides.

It's not just showcasing our audio gear—we're showing how it can make any vehicle even more epic. It's all about making our stuff accessible and giving you a taste of the possibilities.

The Powersports Showcase: The Products That Make “La Chulada” LOUD!

DS18 INF-100AH: INFINITE 2800W 100AH AGM Power Cell 12V Battery
Engineered with AGM technology, DS18’s INF-100AH powers up La Chulada and ensures a steady flow of energy to keep La Chulada LOUD! Its non-spill design and versatile mounting options ensure convenience during installation, while the high burst reserve maintains steady voltage, ensuring brighter lights stronger electronics, and ultimately, a LOUDER sound system.



DS18 SDX-P100: Single Din Digital Media Receiver

This mech-less media receiver offers full control over your sound with features like 3.5V RCA outputs for seamless connectivity and Bluetooth streaming and hands-free calling, convenience meets performance in this compact yet powerful receiver. Plus, with its vibrant 4" LCD display and dynamic multi-color LED backlight, La Chulada's interior comes alive.


DS18 NXL-X6TPNEO: 6.5" Marine Water Resistant Wakeboard Tower Neodymium Speaker with Built-in passive Radiator Bass Enhancer, 1" Driver and RGB LED Light 150W

With its 6.5-inch HYDRO Speaker and integrated tweeter, this speaker delivers depth to La Chulada's interior. Featuring a built-in passive radiator bass enhancer, the NXL-X6TPNEO elevates your bass response to new heights, filling La Chulada's surroundings with rich, resonant frequencies. Its marine-grade durability ensures reliability in any environment, while the RGB LED lighting adds a stunning touch to La Chulada.

DS18 PSW12.4D: Shallow-Mount Water Resistant 12" Subwoofer 600 Watts Rms DVC 4-Ohm

Designed to thrive in tight spaces, this subwoofer delivers earth-shaking bass with power handling capacity of 1200W MAX Power. With its dual voice coil configuration, The PSW’s bass output becomes as versatile as it is powerful, ensuring an immersive audio experience in any environment.

The Design and Build Process: Exploring the Creative Journey Behind "La Chulada"

The design and build process behind "La Chulada" was a creative journey that showcases the immense talent and passion of #TEAMDS18. From conceptualization by Mr. DS18 to the seamless execution by the team at Velos Audio, every step was carefully planned and executed to create a mobile showcase that is as visually stunning as it is sonically impressive.

Witnessing the design and build process firsthand was a humbling experience, we have a profound appreciation for all things Latin America here at DS18 and "La Chulada" stands as a proud symbol of our Mexican pride.


Ready to experience the power of DS18 Mexico's Pro Audio and Powersports lineup firsthand? Contact us today to learn more!


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