Choosing The Best Speakers For Your Boat

Choosing The Best Speakers For Your Boat

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Forgiving winters have made it possible for many of us to spend our winters by the water. For many watercraft enthusiasts, this means you could end up spending time with your boat all year round. Whether you’re fishing, swimming with the manatees, or spending time with the family: all your boating activities are more enjoyable when sound tracked by professional audio equipment from DS18.

What To Buy

Our catalog can be intimidating: with close to 1000 SKU’s as of the writing of this article it’s easy to get confused about what exactly you’re looking for. Here are some of the key factors you should consider in your decision on a speaker.

Size Matters

It’s important to take precise measurements before choosing the best fit for your system. The installation size on our marine speakers varies from as small as 6” to as large as 12”.

Determining the size of your speakers is only half the battle, mounting them is where the real challenge lies. Enclosed speakers are much easier to mount, but nothing beats the beauty of a perfectly installed speaker.

Understanding the size of speaker required by your system can extremely narrow your options.

Power Output

Understanding your system’s power output capabilities can also make your decision easier.

If you’re looking at the specifications for any DS18 component you may come across a Peak Power Rating, RMS Power Rating, or AES Power Rating. The peak power rating is the maximum amount of power that can be maintained by an amplifier over a short period of time without sustaining long term damage. The RMS or AES ratings are used to measure the continuous power rating that amplifiers can handle.

More power does not always mean better sound. Often, you may find that your speakers start to distort the sound they reproduce if given too much power. When choosing a speaker, you want to make sure that it’s supplied with the correct amount of power to perform at its peak.

Type of Marine Speakers

When looking for speakers for your boat, it’s important to make sure you are getting High Quality Marine Grade speakers. Marine Grade Speakers are designed to handle the worst of the elements and cut through the noise caused by the open air. Marine speakers come in various shapes and sizes, but what matters most is their durability.

When you purchase one of DS18’s Marine Grade Speakers, you can guarantee that it will withstand any punishment you put it through (within reason). We prepare your speakers for the worst of the worst so all you worry about is enjoying your audio.

There are three types of marine grade speakers: upgraded marine speakers, enclosed marine speakers, and marine tower speakers.

  • Upgraded Marine Speakers may require professional installation based on your expertise seeing as how they require special operations to be positioned in your boat: however, they can be placed anywhere
  • Marine Tower Speakers are not only more powerful than Upgraded Speakers but they are easily installed due to their ability to be placed on your boat’s wake tower. Their placement also allows for sonic refinement towards any part of the boat.
  • Enclosed marine speakers have added protection but be installed in various directions and positions based on your listening preference

Your decision on the type of marine speaker you choose to install in your boats sound system is based entirely on your means and listening preference.

Our Recommendations

DS18’s Hydro All Elements Series is comprised of many component and accessories designed to bring your outdoors build to life. With over 50 marine grade compliant products we have whatever you may need for your Boat, or anything in between. Get as creative as possible and make the loudest, clearest system on any terrain, water body, or air with DS18’s Hydro Series.


DS18’s CF-8 Hydro is the perfect option for the outdoor lover looking to bring their favorite tunes to the water.

With frequency responses as high as 23KHz and as low as 35Hz the CF-8 guarantees the full range of frequencies. The high sensitivity and extended voice coil on these speakers give users the freedom to turn this speaker to its MAX so you can hear them!

The Carbon Fiber Textured Design on this speaker helps this speaker remain sturdy in the harshest of environments. The included Neodymium motor guarantees a lighter, more efficient, and overall louder speaker than the traditional ferrite motors.

The power handling ratings on these speakers are 150W RMS and 450W MAX; perfect power settings to be placed into any system.

Keep the party going all night long with integrated RGB LED lighting to match the vibe of any celebration! You’re truly missing out if you haven’t experienced the pristine sound of DS18’s CF-8 Hydro!




The NXL-X8PRO is DS18’s revamped compact wakeboard tower speaker designed to turn your sound systems volume ALL THE WAY UP! The new and improved clamping system these models come equipped with paired with their compact size make it possible for these tower speakers to be installed just about anywhere.

This upgraded model of the NXL-X8 comes equipped with a Pro Audio Water Resistant Hybrid Mid-Range & Compression Driver Loudspeaker, the PRO-HY8.4B, for an expansive range of frequencies that get as high as 20KHz and as low as 80Hz. The neodymium magnets installed in the PRO-HY8.4B’s compression driver reinforce the motor/cone assembly providing these tower pods with unbreakable strength and durability.

The NXL-X8PRO has a larger voice coil with higher potential for loudness over the standard NXL complete pods. This also adds great sound reproduction, and extended longevity.

The power handling ratings on these pods are 250 W RMS and 500 W MAX, which is double the standard NXL pod rating.

These tower speakers also have integrated RGB LED Lighting to complement the vibe of any system. The LED BTC (LED Bluetooth Controller) is sold separately and required to control the lights on this speaker.

The NXL-X8PRO is an unbreakable volume maximizing tower speaker that’s guaranteed to revitalize any sound system.



Our easiest solution to getting audio on your boat is the EN6SLIM!

The DS18 EN6SLIM is applicable in any build but shines in boat and powersports systems. This Universal Shallow Enclosure can be mounted to any hard surface for your listening pleasure.

This slim enclosure is compact, weatherproof, and can add sound to a system or be used as the main source of your systems sound. IT’s eye-catching integrated RGB LED’s instantly brings parties to life and can help set the mood for any watercraft excursion!

This speakers versatility gives it the ability to reproduce high quality audio whenever and wherever you need it!



Final Thoughts

If these speakers don’t entice you, check out more of our catalog before you make your final decision. No matter what your plans are for your system, DS18 has got you covered for all your professional audio equipment needs.

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