Best Tweeters With RGB LED

Best Tweeters With RGB LED

No sound system is complete without crisp and clear sound from professional quality tweeters. Adding Tweeters from DS18 to your vehicles sound system will make you feel like you’re front house at your favorite artist’s concert.

Popular among competitors and casuals alike, Pro Audio Tweeters from DS18 produce the clearest high frequency responses and give your build a show quality look. To help take all the guesswork out of your decision, we’ve decided to showcase some of the best tweeters in our catalog that will enhance your audio ten times over.


The PRO-TW7L Super Bullet Tweeter was designed to take up as little space as possible but deliver big bright frequency responses.

These tweeters were built with High Strength Neodymium Magnets and a High-Temperature 1” Voice Coil to withstand those long late night jam sessions. The High Compression Design used on the PRO-TW7L gives it an elevated sensitivity of 102dB so your high frequencies cut through the noise of your system with ease.

Although primarily used in car and motorcycles builds, the 100W RMS Power Rating and 2.3” diameter on the PRO-TW7L makes it applicable in almost every build. The integrated RGB LED lighting on these tweeters also helps increase the versatility of their application in all builds.

There’s no doubt you will love these PRO Tweeters as much as we do.


No other tweeters compare to the precision and power of the DS18’s PRO-TW4L Super Bullet Tweeters. Originally designed for professional audio performance, these tweeters have been redesigned to fit into all casual builds.

The flared design on the PRO-TW4L gives it elevated sensitivity (sitting at 108dB) and more directional volume than other tweeters.

These mid-sized 4.5” tweeters are equipped with a 1.75” titanium voice coil to handle heavy power and provide more precise sound reproduction than any other tweeters on the market.

These tweeters have 140W AES, 280W Program and 560W MAX power handling making it easy to power them up for peak performance.

The multicolored RGB LED’s integrated in these tweeters design allow them to match the color scheme of any build imaginable.


Even the smallest speakers from DS18 contain immense amounts of power. No speaker exemplifies this more than PRO-TW1L.

The PRO-TW1L is sized at 3.8” for extreme versatility in installation but makes up for what it lacks in size in RAW POWER! For a tweeter of this size, the PRO-TW1L supplies a huge sound to every system it’s installed in.

The PRO-TW1L also has adjustable mounting depth set screws so your tweeters can either sit flushed or flared.

These bad boys deliver so much power that you'd think with one tweeter your whole sound system is ready to deploy for a major concert, the new integration of RGB LED lights will help give you the show you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

Although small, without tweeters, the audio your system reproduces would be without a lot of the elements that make your favorite songs worth listening to. Invest in the best with tweeters from DS18!

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