DS18 is a leading electronics manufacturer specializing in Mobile, Marine & Home Electronic equipment with its headquarters in Miami, FL, USA. DS18 was created and developed by a team of young and determined professionals who understand the needs in today’s audio industry.
Offering several series of amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, midranges, cables, accessories, component sets and much more DS18 guarantees to satisfy customers seeking a wide assortment of products.



The DS18 brand stands out from other lines in its progressive design and “never-stop-innovating” Attitude. Our team takes your feedback as a command to constantly improve and keep-up with all new trends in order to deliver the most technologically up-to-date products in the market. We are here to revolutionize the market capitalizing on what the other guys failed to do right: Delivering a Sophisticated, trendy product line that people demand and love (and continue doing so on a regular basis). We promise to never stop refreshing our product lines with the coolest designs and technology available so you can always have the most outstanding products technology can offer. Think of DS18 as that new cool kid in the block that makes all the old-school brands uneasy.
We do that with your feedback and our creativity, quality, pricing, and kick-ass“never-stop-innovating” attitude.
Without further ado, please take some time to be inspired by our 2018 line-up. From all of us at team DS18, we thank you for your support, business, and consideration.