Powered speakers with superior quality components
The ZUMBA Loud™ series standalone DS18 powered speakers have been designed to produce impressive bass response and full range sound to any space where loud and clear music is needed. With the ZUMBA Loud™ series of PA speakers, the music can literally be felt pounding through the room. These internally powered mega blasters are available in a staggering 500w-1000w max power rating depending on which model best fits your needs. The power, bass, crossover settings are conveniently located on the rear panel to help you tune to the perfect sound and feel the rhythm you and your Zumba® students crave. With Bluetooth connectivity, LCD displays, USB card slots, and mic jacks, we designed these Zumba® loudspeakers to make it easy to get the music you love beating through the room.
Every part of these stunning speakers are designed and engineered by DS18 to perfectly complement Zumba® fitness. These speakers can be set in Bluetooth mode for multiple pairing to your music source; this means the possibilities are limitless to how you can position and link all your Zumba® loudspeakers! These speakers are perfect for mobile, studio, and home applications the match the Zumba® lifestyle. The two way active setup will bring goosebumps to your skin when your favorite song and beats hit with these thumping Zumba® loudspeakers.
Ergonomically designed handles support an easy, non-fatiguing grip for streamlined handing
Powered loudspeaker
system designed to
provide wide, uniform
sound quality
speaker tower
for easy
and set up
RGB LED lights that move to the rhythm of the music.
The bright minds at DS18 have come together to give you the perfect mobile solution for your studio, dance floor, home, or outdoor event! We are happy to present our ZUMBA Loud™ PA speaker system for all dancers, audiophiles, and DJs alike. This compact and powerful system can bring clear and loud sound to every corner of your venue with ease. The system takes very little effort to disassemble for storage due to it’s three-piece style connection. The compact design lets you put this impressive and powerful party system in the smallest of areas when you have little space available. This tower speaker will fill any room with concert quality sound! We packed this beautiful unit with Bluetooth, Aux jacks, LCD display, and an easy to use mixer to help you get the perfect sound you are looking for. We included RGB LED dancing lights to give an acute visual cue to all your favorite songs. This tower will also light up any environment with vibrant LED lights to help set the mood for your dance floor, studio and more! Carry it in one trip. Set it up in one minute.
The Zumba Loud™ Towers speaker is small enough to fit in your trunk or back seat, and its innovative modular design makes setup easy and fast.

The best sound quality for any event!

True Wireless Stereo Speakers

TWS allows it to be paired with another
speaker producing true stereo effect
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