The DS18 Difference – Elevating Slingshot Performance

The DS18 Difference – Elevating Slingshot Performance

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When the Polaris Slingshot was first released on July 27th 2014, a lot of us weren’t really sure what to make of it. Enthusiasts weren’t sure whether to characterize the three-wheeled roadster as a motorcycle, tricycle, or car. Thankfully, almost a whole decade after, the Polaris Slingshot has solidified it’s place in the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere and now we all just want it to get LOUD!

For years, Slingshot Audio wasn’t optimized for the space or open-air design the vehicle is praised for. It’s compact design led a lot of enthusiasts to place speakers where they could, rather than where they fit. The lack of an enclosed cabin affects sound quality, as audio waves dissipate into the open air, calling for speakers with specialized design for outdoor acoustics. Road noise and wind can compete with speaker output, requiring speakers with high power handling and clarity. Despite these challenges, DS18 offers a promising solution.

DS18’s SLG Series was born from the desire of Slingshot owners worldwide to get LOUD! The innovative SLG Series comes from our experts deep understanding that the conventional Slingshot audio configuration simply couldn't meet the refined expectations of genuine audio enthusiasts. This realization fueled our determination to create an audio solution that seamlessly combines visual finesse, precision engineering, and state-of-the-art technology. The SLG Series was created not just as an upgrade, but as a transformation engineered to deliver an unrivaled and immersive sound experience. Our team set out to create something that would seamlessly blend aesthetics, engineering, and cutting-edge technology to achieve an unparalleled audio experience in the Slingshot.

These solutions go beyond just enhancing sound quality; they're tailored to meet the unique challenges posed by the slingshot's open-air design, ensuring your rides are not only thrilling but also sonically immersive. Let’s dive deeper into what helps make the DS18 difference:

SLG-RSUB10LD: This 10" subwoofer enclosure, designed specifically for Slingshots, features a durable PE (Polyethylene) waterproof build with UV protection, ensuring it stands up to the elements. Installation is a breeze with included OFC tinned 12GA wiring, and it fits seamlessly on either the driver or passenger side. With a coated metal bracket for added durability, a 75ft³ ported/vented enclosure, and damping material for superior subwoofer performance, it delivers deep, powerful bass and enhances your open-air driving experience.

SLG-AR6LD: These come in pairs, offering one for each side, catering to both the driver and passenger. Each armrest hosts a 6.5" speaker and a tweeter with RGB LED lighting. Installation is straightforward, utilizing factory bolts and mounting locations. Its durable waterproof panels, fortified with UV protection, guarantee longevity. With OFC tinned wiring for durability and enhanced power handling, it not only elevates your audio experience but makes 'The DS18 Difference,' so every ride is exceptional.

SLG-FKP6LD: Crafted to seamlessly integrate into your Polaris Slingshot's front kick panels, DS18’s SLG-FKP6LD comes with a pair of kick panel enclosures designed for both the driver and passenger sides. Each panel houses one 6.5" speaker and one tweeter, complemented by the NXL-6/BK speakers and the Pro-TW1L tweeters. This thoughtfully designed setup not only enhances audio quality but also harmonizes with the slingshot's interior aesthetics. Plus, the inclusion of OFC tinned wiring strengthens power handling and durability. With easy installation using factory bolts and mounting locations, UV-protected waterproof panels, and a coated metal bracket for enhanced resistance to the elements, the SLG-FKP6LD is the only option for upgrading your Slingshot’s soundstage.

SLG-HD6LD: The SLG-HD6LD revolutionizes your Polaris Slingshot's headrest, featuring four speaker mounting holes that maximize your audio experience. With NXL-6/BK speakers at the helm, this setup creates a surround sound atmosphere that immerses you in outstanding audio quality. Moreover, the inclusion of an open baffle speaker pod design enhances sound dispersion, ensuring that every note is crystal clear. Coupled with features like OFC tinned wiring for enhanced power handling and durability, pod pairing for a balanced auditory experience, easy OEM bolt installation, and eight-core 0.6M input wires for RGB lighting and speakers, DS18’s SLG-HD6LD is the ultimate solution to your Slingshot Audio needs.

SLG-SP6LD: The SLG-SP6LD brings a powerful audio upgrade to your Polaris Slingshot's side panels, offering two 6.5" speaker enclosures complete with Pro-SM6.2 speakers, Pro-Grill6-Ms/BK speaker grills, and ZXI-T1 tweeters. With all hardware and wiring included, installation is a breeze, enhancing audio quality while maintaining a sleek, black OEM finish. These pods are sold as a set for both driver and passenger sides, ensuring a balanced auditory experience. Crafted for Slingshot models from 2015-2019, these enclosures feature a durable (PE) waterproof build with UV protection and a sealed type waterproof design, bolstering their resilience against the elements.

SLG-UDSD6LD: The SLG-UDSD6LD offers a unique audio enhancement for your Polaris Slingshot with its under-dash 2 x 6" subwoofer enclosure, housing 2 x ZR6.4D subwoofers. This setup packs a punch with a total load impedance of 1 ohm, providing powerful and precise bass that fills the cabin with deep, immersive audio. Installation is a breeze with all hardware and wiring included, featuring OFC tinned 12Ga wiring for enhanced power handling and durability. Designed to fit Slingshot models from 2015 onwards, this enclosure is made from a durable (PE) waterproof build with UV protection and a 0.3ft³ / 8.5L sealed-type design.

SLG-WFCC8LD: The SLG-WFCC8LD centerpieces your Polaris Slingshot's soundstage with a waterfall center console, housing the NXL-8/BK speaker and Pro-TW1L tweeter. This product not only enhances audio output but also infuses a dash of style into your Slingshot's interior. Installation is a breeze, utilizing factory bolts and mounting locations, with all hardware and wiring included. Designed to fit Slingshot models from 2015 to 2019, this addition combines a sleek design with superior sound quality, all while safeguarding against the elements with durable waterproof panels and UV protection.

DS18’s SLG Series makes 'The DS18 Difference' in the Polaris Slingshot, redefining the audio experience for this unique vehicle. These products are meticulously designed to not only enhance sound quality but also conquer the distinctive challenges posed by the slingshot's open-air design. In essence, DS18’s SLG Series doesn't just elevate audio quality; it transforms the Polaris Slingshot into a sound and style masterpiece, creating an unmatched driving experience that is uniquely LOUD!

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