How DS18 Secured The Best Audio Award At This Year’s South Florida Car and Truck Fest

How DS18 Secured The Best Audio Award At This Year’s South Florida Car and Truck Fest

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Sound Waves at the South Florida Car And Truck Fest

Las Palmas (Rodeo Arena) was filled with revving engines, badass paint jobs, and the hum of anticipation. In the middle of all the tire-scorching action, Team DS18 came prepared to conquer this year’s South Florida Car and Truck Fest. And what better way to express yourself than by getting LOUD?

Audio systems are the unsung heroes of any driving experience, allowing car enthusiasts to set their own soundtracks. All audio enthusiasts crave this control, constantly searching for car audio systems that can deliver an immersive listening experience.

Our crew gets it: that’s why we armed ourselves with the LOUDEST components in audio and locked in on winning the competitions ahead!

In the heart of Belle Glade, The South Florida Car And Truck Fest brings together automotive lovers worldwide. Enthusiasts unite to experience the innovations shaping the industry firsthand. Among the burnout donut pits and the palpable adrenaline, there’s one prize everyone is bringing the intensity for – The Best Audio Award.

The Best Audio Award recognizes car audio systems that deliver the best sound quality and performance. Our systems have consistently set the benchmark for what enthusiasts can expect in the year ahead. Contenders constantly push the boundaries of technology to push their vehicles towards victory: but they’re not even close to delivering the impactful sound DS18 is known for!

DS18’s Show Stopper: The Boomin’ Bronco

We bring a legacy to every show, and the buzz follows behind us.

Our Pro Audio lineup – featuring amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, and accessories – are crafted for competitive performance. What sets us apart from other competitors is the fact we create and utilize all of these things in our builds. At DS18, we invest heavily in research and development to ensure that our products are at the cutting edge of the industry. Whether it's built for the off-road or the high seas, DS18's audio systems are built to deliver an immersive and satisfying listening experience.

This year, we rolled out the Boomin’ Bronco, a true Show Stopper equipped with our top-tier BRO Series. The crowd at the South Florida Car And Truck Fest wasn't ready for the auditory storm we brought. Here's the breakdown of the components that made our Boomin' Bronco stand out:

BRO-SBAR Overhead Bar System: This powerhouse accommodates four 8" DS18 speakers, two 6.5" speakers, and two tweeters. This helped our tunes ROAR over the crowd.

BRO-BASS Tailgate Subwoofer Enclosure: Thunderous bass, zero compromise on cargo space. With IP11 Water and Solid Resistance Material, it's not just SPLASH PROOF; it's a weatherproof thump machine. And the RGB LED grille turned our set into a party.

BRO-FD-LR and BRO-BD-LR Door Panels: Our DS18 Bronco showcases the BRO-FD-LR and BRO-BD-LR door panels. Sold in pairs, DS18 supplies installation panels for all four doors of your Ford Bronco. These panels seamlessly house 6.5" speakers and tweeters, enhancing the Bronco’s sound quality and stage.

BRO-TUBE Tower Mounting Tube : Tailored solutions for mounting tower speakers, catering to your preferences. The BRO-TUBE/BK, designed with tower speakers in mind, provides compatibility with all DS18 NXL- and NXL-PRO tower speaker models. We were using the NXL-XTPNEO’s – the most versatile speaker in our catalogue.

The Boomin Bronco took the South Florida Car And Truck Fest by storm, and was the talk of the entire event. We’ve spent tireless months crafting this masterpiece for shows around the world.

Winning the Best Audio Award was big for us, solidifying the reputation we’ve built through decades of delivering only the BEST in audio for all vehicles. DS18's success at the South Florida Car And Truck Festival has only made us hungrier to get even LOUDER at next year’s show.

We have big plans for the future and are committed to pushing the boundaries of car audio. We hope to continue impressing enthusiasts worldwide with  cutting-edge audio solutions for every vehicle.

Follow DS18 on all platforms to stay up to date on their journey to be the LOUDEST in audio!


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