Home Sweet Home – DS18’s Epic Return to the MCMShow

Home Sweet Home – DS18’s Epic Return to the MCMShow

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There’s no better feeling than coming home: but, DS18 Colombia really rolled out the red carpet for your boys. Last year marked a seismic shift at DS18, we unleashed a storm of innovation that thundered across the world. That’s why this year, we wanted to transform our booth at the MCMShow (Motor Car Movement Show) into an unforgettable audio experience!

In the thunderous roar of revving engines and the breathtaking automotive masterpieces that would be attending the show, we knew DS18 had to make a statement. And Colombia, known for its passion, flair, and unbridled energy, provided the perfect stage.

The MCMSHOW stands as the ultimate convergence point for global car enthusiasts, industry titans, and manufacturers. The latest car models and designs take center stage in the pulsating arena. In the adrenaline-charged battleground, DS18 stood alone as the only audio company: and we were determined to be the pulse of the party.

DS18's Innovative Approach to Car Audio

At the MCMSHOW, we went all-in to ensure spectators didn't just hear the DS18 Difference; they felt it.

Our team rolled in with a fleet of four Jeeps and one Mercedes, each a roaring testament to the power of DS18. I’m talking about DS18 components decked out from top to bottom, ready to unleash an audio onslaught like never before.

Our commitment to quality doesn't stop at state-of-the-art technology; it's about immersing you in a world where sound becomes an experience. High-performance amplifiers, immersive speaker systems – DS18 pushes the limits of what's possible in car audio, and we brought the thunder to MCMSHOW.

DS18's Presence at the MCMSHOW

We left a permanent mark at Corferias with our exhibition. John from Maxxicars made sure the team arrived in style. Mr. DS18 (Rob) thought he’d have his usual team, but Jorge (owner of the BOLOLO Jeep) made sure we had a professional team of real enthusiasts who came to get LOUD!

Our booth showcased a wide range of products, each meticulously designed to deliver the ultimate audio experience. From sleek amplifiers to stylish speakers, DS18's products seamlessly integrated with the vehicles on display, but one component carried us through the entire show:

DS18 NXL-X8TPNEO 8" Marine Water Resistant Wakeboard Tower Neodymium Speaker with Built-in passive Radiator Bass Enhancer, 1" Driver and RGB LED Light 550W

DS18's NXL-X6TPNEO stood as the undisputed powerhouse, transforming every vehicle it touched into a rolling thunder of sound.

With a 6.5-inch HYDRO Speaker paired with an integrated tweeter, this speaker is not just about power; it's about precision. But what makes the NXL-X6TPNEO a true game-changer? The expertly crafted passive woofer radiator that takes your audio encounters to the next level. This isn't just about enhanced bass response; it's about filling the entire venue with rich, resonant low frequencies.

Its clamping system, with a remarkable 360-degree rotation capability, became the cornerstone of stability and resilience, allowing us to direct the sound precisely where we wanted it.

And let's talk about the showstopper – RGB LED lighting seamlessly integrated into its design.

These speakers are so damn versatile they were integrated into every vehicle at the show: even the Mercedes. The NXL-X6TPNEO was the pulse of the MCMSHOW, turning every vehicle into a rolling party that not only sounded incredible but looked amazing too.


DS18's presence at the MCMSHOW highlighted our significant impact on the car audio industry. We owned prime real estate in the middle of the Gran Salon – a shoutout to Javier Pardo for hooking us up with that sweet spot. You couldn’t go anywhere in the venue without seeing or hearing us.

In the heart of the action, we were blowing the roof of the place. But here's the real kicker – we didn't just bring the noise; we brought the crowd. DJ Fefi (@DJFefiRamos) pumped up the volume to 100 and kept people coming the entire day. We had over 1000 lanyards handed out, and we gained more followers than any event before.

DS18's Takeover of the MCMSHOW

DS18's presence at the MCMSHOW was nothing short of extraordinary. Our innovative approach to car audio left a lasting impression on everyone at the MCMSHOW. Returning to Colombia was much needed, and I’m glad we did it in style.

Hopefully next year we’ll have some competition show up and give us a run for our money. Until then, we’re getting LOUD across the world all 2024.

Follow DS18 on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up to date on the LOUD World Tour and hopefully we can get LOUD together soon!

Gracias Colombia! Como te Quiero!

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