Exploring DS18's Revolutionary FX Series Amplifiers

Exploring DS18's Revolutionary FX Series Amplifiers

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Since the founding of DS18 in 2013, we've been at the forefront of delivering exceptional audio experiences to all vehicle enthusiasts. The introduction of our FX Series Amplifiers, underscores our commitment to innovation in car audio. We focus on ensuring all our products offer the Full Xperience of sound in every vehicle.

As we delve into our new FX Series Amplifiers, we're excited to share the groundbreaking technology that sets these amplifiers apart. By leveraging the latest in class D amplifier technology and offering a range of options from 6-channel amplifiers to monoblocks, our FX Series stands out as the best amplifier for car audio junkies seeking customization and quality.

The Evolution of DS18 Amplifiers

At DS18, we pride ourselves on our expansive range of high-quality audio products,. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our diverse offerings, from Pro Audio to high-output audio products designed specifically for Marine, Jeep, Motorcycle, and UTV/ATV environments. This broad spectrum ensures that no matter the vehicle or the environment, there's a DS18 product designed to enhance the audio experience.

Key Features of the FX Series

DS18’s FX Series amplifiers are the most versatile amplifiers on the market this year. Here are the standout features that make the FX Series a top choice for enthusiasts worldwide:

  1. Versatile Configuration Options
    • Available in Monoblock, 4-Channel, and 6-Channel configurations, these amplifiers cater to every need, from simple setups to complex systems requiring detailed sound staging.
  2. Advanced Technology and Design
    • Featuring Class D amplifier design for efficient power handling and minimal distortion. The inclusion of flush or surface mount options, along with IPX5 water resistance when flush mounted, ensures durability and adaptability in various installation environments.
  3. Customizable Audio Experience
    • The addition of selectable X-Over and bass boost options further enhances control over sound quality and dynamics.
  4. High-Performance Output
    • Offering MAX wattages ranging from 2700W to 4500W, the FX Series can power any speaker setup. The models like FX6 deliver robust power with 6 x 180W RMS @ 4 Ohm.
  5. Innovative User Features
    • Each model features mesmerizing RGB Dream LED lights and acrylic covers for aesthetic enhancement. The inclusion of LED clipping indicators and direct insert power and speaker terminals simplifies setup and adjustment, making it user-friendly.
  6. Protection and Durability
    • Built with high-quality components such as coated 4-layer PCBs, these amplifiers are designed to withstand harsh conditions. Comprehensive protection features like thermal, overload, and short circuit protection ensure reliable performance under any circumstances.

These features make DS18’s FX Series amplifiers a formidable choice for anyone looking to enhance their audio system.

Versatile Application Scenarios

DS18 FX Series amplifiers epitomize versatility, seamlessly integrating into various audio setups across a broad spectrum of applications. Their compact design and multiple configuration options allow for a tailored audio experience whether in vehicles, on water, or indoors.

  1. Custom Car Audio Solutions
    • For car enthusiasts, DS18’s FX Series provides a myriad of installation possibilities. From compact cars to spacious SUVs, these amplifiers fit perfectly due to their adaptable design for both flush and surface mounting. They are ideal for custom car audio installations, ensuring every vehicle achieves that perfect sound quality with a professional finish.
  2. Marine and Powersport Applications
    • With water-resistant capabilities and robust construction, the FX Series amplifiers are perfectly suited for ATVs, RVs, and boats. Their durability ensures that whether you're navigating rough terrains or cruising on water, your audio experience remains uninterrupted and dynamic.
  3. Dynamic Audio Configurations
    • Available in configurations ranging from 1-channel to 6-channel amplifiers, DS18’s FX Series meets diverse audio needs. This flexibility is ideal for audio panels or racks in cars, ensuring a clean setup that maximizes both aesthetics and sound quality.

The FX Series delivers superior performance and adaptability, making them the go-to choice for audio enthusiasts across various environments.

Design and Build Quality

At DS18, we take pride in the quality of our FX Series amplifiers. Each model is crafted with precision, ensuring not only aesthetic appeal but also robust functionality and durability. Here’s a closer look at the design elements that set the FX Series apart:

Exceptional Material and Construction

Our FX Series amplifiers are constructed with high-quality components that ensure longevity and consistent performance. The use of surface mount component technology enhances the reliability of our amplifiers, making them a dependable choice for any audio enthusiast.

Innovative Design Features

  1. Flush or Surface Mount Options: Provides flexibility in installation, catering to different user preferences and vehicle specifications.
  2. Digital LED Lights: Integrated into the surface mode adapter, these lights add a visually appealing element that enhances the overall aesthetic of your vehicle’s audio system. (LED-BTC DRM Required and Sold Separately)
  3. Built-in Bass Boost and Advanced Digital Class Circuit Design: These features allow for refined control over sound output, ensuring that users can easily adjust the bass level to suit their listening preference.

Durability Features

  • IPX5 Waterproof Rating: Particularly when flush mounted, this rating ensures that the amplifiers can withstand adverse conditions without compromising functionality.
  • Acrylic Covers: Available in all models, these covers not only protect the internal components but also provide a sleek, polished look when mounted on surfaces.

Performance and Power Output

DS18’s FX Series amplifiers are engineered to deliver unmatched performance and power. Here's a detailed look at the power output and performance capabilities of various models within the series:

Power Output Specifications



RMS Power (@4 Ohm)

RMS Power (@2 Ohm)

RMS Power (@1 Ohm)

RMS Power (@4 Ohm Bridged)

Max Power


4-Channel Full Range

180W x 4

250W x 4

500W x 2




180W x 6

250W x 6

500W x 3 (Bridge)



1-Channel Monoblock






User Experience and Control

The FX Series is designed with user-centric controls that ensure an unmatched audio tuning experience, allowing every car audio enthusiast to shape their sound environment precisely to their preferences.

Comprehensive Input and Output Options

  • RCA Inputs and Crossover Options: The DS18 FX Series amplifiers are equipped with RCA inputs and provide users with a choice of high pass, low pass, and full range crossover options. This versatility ensures compatibility with various audio sources and speaker configurations.
  • Adjustable Frequency and Gain Controls: Each channel can be finely tuned with adjustable frequency and gain settings, allowing for detailed customization of the audio output. This level of control is particularly beneficial for audiophiles looking to achieve the perfect sound balance and clarity.

By integrating these advanced features, DS18 FX Series amplifiers not only enhance the user experience but also empower audio enthusiasts to take full control of their car's sound system.

Get The Full Xperience

The exceptional range, power, and versatility offered by the FX Series underscore our pursuit of perfection in sound quality and innovation. DS18 amplifiers are emblematic of a deeper passion for audio perfection, manifesting in every detail, from their robust build quality to their cutting-edge features.

Their wide array of features, combined with outstanding performance and durability, positions the FX Series as the quintessential choice for anyone looking to elevate their audio experience.

Explore the FX Series Today and unleash the power of premium sound quality in your vehicle.

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