Everything You Need to Know About Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Everything You Need to Know About Wakeboard Tower Speakers

DS18 Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Looking for the best marine stereo system money can buy? Here's why you're going to LOVE wakeboard tower speakers.

Do you know what the best wakeboarding speakers are?

Is it the normal marine stereo system? Or, is it the wakeboard tower speakers you see installed on many boats around you?

Chances are you already know the answer. Maybe you are not so sure?

While music can add more excitement to wakeboarding, the kind of speakers you choose can be the difference between subpar audio and outstanding music experience.

You might have regular marine speakers installed on your boat, but they may not give you the clarity and volume you’re looking for. At the very least, normal speakers can’t project audio signals over a long-range or cut through background noises.

Wakeboard tower speakers, in this case, are the best investment you can make. Designed to project clear audio over a long distance regardless of background noises, these speakers can add value to your vessel and give you and the people being towed a listening experience second to none.

Here’s the deal! We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about wake board tower speakers. Then you can use the information we provide in this piece to buy the best speakers for your boat.

Let’s get started.

1. Material and Design

From appearance to materials used in the design, there is a lot you need to look at to determine the value of marine speakers.

You want to make sure you get the best value for your money so that you can add more thrill to wakeboarding with ease, but this depends on what’s more important to you.

If you love loudspeakers with killer looks, you’ll need to plan accordingly and pay for what you can afford. If all you need is something with impressive audio and high-quality sound projection, the appearance may not really be a big deal.

One of the most important things that can help you to determine the value of wake tower speakers is the materials used in the design. To understand this concept further, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can the tower speaker woofer give me the responsiveness I’m looking for?
  • Will the woofer surrounding give me a standard performance and a longer lifespan?
  • Do the crossovers really align with my needs?


The materials used to design the woofer will have an impact on the quality of the tower speakers. The more lightweight and stiffer the materials are, the more responsiveness you get.

Woofer Surrounding

Woofer surrounding also plays an important role in audio performance, but it is subject to wear and tear and humidity levels as your speakers get old. If the surrounding isn’t made of durable materials, it can crack and break eventually.

Unfortunately, you can’t always control how much humidity you expose your wake-boarding tower speakers to, but you can choose speakers that have long-lasting woofer surrounding.

Typically, rubber surrounding is often the best option. They not only give you the performance you need but also last for a very long time.

Sound Distortion and Crossovers

Distortion is also something you need to think about when shopping for the best marine stereo. Because you might have signals crossing through coated wiring, make sure the speakers you choose have external crossovers to lessen audio distortion by breaking up frequency inputs.

2. Durability: Just How Long Can Wake-board Tower Speakers Last?

The tower speakers you buy will take a lot of abuse from water and weather, but if they can’t brave the harsh environment, they won’t give you the audio performance you need for seasons to come.


Manufacturers use heavy-duty parts to enhance durability. They then test the speakers to determine if they can survive in the marine environment.

During this time they subject these speakers to conditions far worse than what you can imagine. And if the speakers pass the test, they’ll give you the musical experience you need for years to come.

Unfortunately, manufacturers are different because each plays by their own book. This means the quality of speakers in the market varies from brand to brand.

Now the question is this: How can you be so sure that the marine audio system you choose will last for a long time?

Make Sure they Use Coated Aluminum Cans.

You need to make sure the cans used to house your wake tower speakers are pure aluminum. Aluminum is resilient by nature, these cans can easily withstand the worst weather condition out there.

You also need to make sure the cans have an anodized or powder coating. The coating helps to protect the cans from oxidation, thus preventing corrosion. This kind of protection gives your wake tower speakers a rust-resistant shield that boosts their durability.

Make Sure the Wake Tower Speakers are Marine Rated.

Marine rating may not be the first thing you think about when searching for tower speakers. Still, it’s an important factor to consider nonetheless.

If the speakers are marine-rated, it means you can use them in the marine environment and get the best audio performance. For example, if you were to submerge them in water, they’d take the hit and work just fine.

Marine-rated speakers can also take a lot of abuse from UV rays and salt and still work well.

3. Sound Quality and Marine Amplifiers.

Wakeboarding tower speakers play music into empty air the entire time. On their own, they aren’t powerful enough to play louder behind a speeding boat.

The rapid sound dispersion might result in distortion. And this could ruin your wakeboarding experience.

Fortunately, you can get the most out of these tower speakers by using the right marine amplifier.

An amp rated between 75% and 150% should work fine for you. That’s because they supply the speakers with just enough power to make them play louder and sound better.

The Final Word.

You’re living in an age where wakeboarding is taking over surfing. There can never be a better way to add some more thrill to the experience than use wakeboard tower speakers to bring your favorite music with you to the water sport.

Don’t forget to check out these marine specials here. You might just be on your way to set up the best marine stereo for your boat.

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