DS18 Takes SEMA 2023 by Storm

DS18 Takes SEMA 2023 by Storm

SEMA 2023 was a rollercoaster of exciting exhibits and events. Attendees were treated to a wide range of activities, including live demonstrations, educational seminars, and celebrity appearances. SEMA 2023 also featured thrilling drifting demonstrations and off-road adventures, giving attendees a chance to experience the adrenaline rush firsthand.

DS18, THE renowned manufacturer of high-quality car audio products, made its mark at SEMA 2023 with an impressive display. Our booth stood out among the sea of exhibitors, drawing in a steady stream of visitors.

#TEAMDS18 was on hand to showcase their latest products and answer any questions from attendees. There was tons of activity around the booth, with attendees eager to experience what it’s like to Get LOUD in person.

DS18's Products at SEMA 2023

We unveiled a range of innovative car audio solutions designed to enhance the driving experience. From high-performance speakers to state-of-the-art amplifiers, DS18's product lineup showcased their commitment to delivering top-notch audio quality:

  • DS18’s SLG Series - DS18's SLG Series is the ultimate solution for enhancing your Slingshot audio experience. Born from the passion of Slingshot owners worldwide to achieve impressive sound quality, the SLG Series represents a breakthrough in Slingshot audio.

#TEAMDS18 put every product in the SLG Series in their Polaris Slingshot SLR to give a visual for the impenetrable soundstage created by the series. Each enclosure in DS18’s SLG Series places a speaker in prime position for getting your Slingshot LOUD in any environment!

  • DS18’s HD Series - The DS18 HD Series is designed to take your vehicle's audio to the next level, especially in environments where durability and performance matter most. Built with water-resistant carbon fiber cones, these speakers are perfect for motorcycles, boats, and regular vehicles, making them suitable for any adventure or weather condition. What sets them apart are their special features: a unique hybrid design that combines an 8" mid-range driver with a high-wattage compression driver, delivering powerful and precise sound.

    This series was installed on every bike put on display at our booth because it’s the most effective way of getting LOUD on your ride!

  • BRO Series - the ultimate audio upgrade for your Ford Bronco, transforming it into an off-roading powerhouse. Installed in our own DS18 Bronco, these products are engineered for seamless integration, ensuring your adventures are accompanied by top-notch sound. The BRO-SBAR Overhead Bar System provides an immersive audio experience with eight-inch speakers, tweeters, and more. Additionally, our range of Bronco Accessories, such as the BRO-TUBE Tower Mounting Tube and BRO-CLPX Tower Mounting Clamps, elevates your off-roading experience, making your Ford Bronco an unstoppable force on and off the road.

Although we didn’t have our Ford Bronco on display at SEMA we did have a collaboration with SOS CUSTOMS from California with EVERY Bronco product we’ve manufactured this year that got a lot of attention from spectators at the show!

SEMA 2023 gave us the perfect platform to showcase these cutting-edge innovations and share them with professionals from across the industry!

DS18's Booth at SEMA 2023

SEMA 2023 was not only a showcase for DS18's products but also a platform for showing off their incredible products in action. We're talking cutting-edge audio systems and professional quality builds that made audiophiles all across SEMA stop in their tracks. This is some of what you missed if you weren’t at this year’s SEMA show:

  • THE TOXIC TEAL – This limited-production, high-end touring motorcycle renowned for its classic Road King design, including iconic features like saddlebags and honeycomb rim has been completely redesigned by the DS18 team and SoFloTwin.

Powered by a robust 1,801cc Twin Cam 110 engine, it offers impressive torque and a distinctive V-twin rumble. Custom painted with it’s namesake, exclusive aesthetics, top-notch components, and limited availability, the CVO Road King embodies luxury and exclusivity in the world of biking.

With DS18’s HD Series Installed it should be easy to crown this bike King of The Road!

  • DS18’s 2023 Polaris Slingshot SLR - The 2023 Polaris Slingshot SLR is a high-performance three-wheeled vehicle designed for a thrilling driving experience. It typically features a Stage 2 Audio Kit driven by a 100W amplifier, front component speakers, and a 7” Touch Screen Display controlled by a Ride Command Source Unit; but #TEAMDS18 upgraded every aspect of it’s audio system to get LOUD for SEMA!

Every enclosure from DS18’s SLG Series was installed in this Slingshot to showcase how DS18’s audio solutions can turn your factory vehicle into a competitive audio machine!

  • DS18’s Gladiator 6 x 6 - The DS18 team has decided to bring out the big wheels at this year’s SEMA Show! One of the twenty Gladiator 6 x 6’s in existence will be at this year’s event with the audio experts from DS18. The creative minds of the engineers at DS18 allowed this monstrous Jeep to be extended and equipped with another axle for six-wheel drive, crafting one of the fiercest 6 x 6 warrior’s to ever touch road.
  • DS18’s Exotica – Anything but ordinary , Mr. DS18’s EXOTICA stole the show at this years SEMA! Sitting on 30 inch Fittipaldis, the custom green and pink painted Exotica is known for getting LOUD!

Fully built for all purposes Mr. DS18’s Jeep Gladiator, ‘Exotica’, will be sitting right next to the 6x6 Gladiator outside at SEMA 2023. Featuring four EXL-X12 Subwoofers, and a stunt wall with two of the powerful PRO-XLNEO12 Mid-Bass Loudspeakers, and screaming PRO-DRNCOAX’s this vehicle is a mobile audio powerhouse. The custom-designed stunt wall transforms the Gladiator's rear space into an audio marvel, delivering earth-shaking bass and crisp sound quality.

SEMA 2023 wasn't just a platform to display products; it was an opportunity to transport attendees into the world of DS18.

Community Support At SEMA 2023

As we reflect on our incredible journey at SEMA, we're overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude that words can barely capture. The DS18 family has always believed in the power of community, and SEMA 2023 was a vivid reminder of the strength we find in the people who stand with us. It was an unforgettable week that brought us closer to our supporters, old and new, from all corners of the globe.

First and foremost, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to DS18 Mexico, whose unwavering dedication shone throughout the entire event. They not only took care of our Hispanic spectators but also shared in our passion for car audio, making SEMA a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Their commitment and tireless efforts demonstrated what it means to be part of the DS18 family.

A massive shoutout goes to the incredible teams at BIG 5 and LiveWire, who went out of their way to assist our customers, ensuring they had the best experience possible at SEMA. Your support and dedication were truly remarkable, and we couldn't be more grateful for your presence at our booth.

Unique Auto from New York, your constant support was a beacon of positivity for us. Your presence by our side was a testament to the strength of the relationships we've built over the years. To our long-standing dealers and the new ones who came to say hello, you remind us of the incredible journey we've embarked on together, and your support is invaluable.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of SEMA was the diverse crowd that stopped by to show their support. We had the privilege of meeting people from nearly every country, all united by their shared love for audio and innovation. We are humbled to have made connections with enthusiasts from around the world.

We also want to recognize the incredible efforts of these build makers who brought full DS18 builds to SEMA, helping us showcase our passion for making it LOUD! Papis Garage, your dedication to crafting a DS18 build that exemplifies our passion for powerful sound is commendable. The team at Maxxed Diesels left no stone unturned in demonstrating the sheer power and versatility of DS18 products. SMG, your commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio innovation was evident in your DS18 build. And everyone else who invested in DS18 for their top-notch builds!

Speaking of, meeting our beloved influencers was a dream come true. The Cummins Cowgirl graced us with her presence, and we're excited to have forged a partnership with the legendary crew from "Pimp My Ride," with a special shoutout to Q. The support from Resurrection Rides in Coon Rapids, Iowa, was a heartwarming surprise, and their presence reminded us of the wonderful people we've had the pleasure of meeting on our journey.

The sense of gratitude culminated when we encountered Truck Guru, who showcased stunning builds, including the Ken Block tribute Jeep we had a hand in building that dazzled the crowd. Their innovative creations were a testament to the boundless possibilities of audio, and we're eager to explore future collaborations.

As we look back on SEMA, our hearts are filled with a profound sense of gratitude. We are truly thankful for every smile, every handshake, and every conversation that took place. The DS18 family has been built on the foundation of support and camaraderie, and SEMA was a shining example of the incredible connections we've made. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

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