DS18’s H-KO Amplifiers Return to Rock Your World!

DS18’s H-KO Amplifiers Return to Rock Your World!

One of the key components of a high-performance car audio system is the amplifier, and DS18’s H-KO’s are a driving force in the car audio industry. These Korean Amps are known for being top-tier. Especially when it comes to getting LOUD!

And now, they're BACK: let’s meet the new members of our H-KO Series.

What Sets DS18’s H-KO Amplifiers Apart From The Competition?

This family of high-performance, Korean-made powerhouses are perfect for the basshead in you. The H-KO’s are engineered to be meaner, and pack a punch like never before. Sometimes outputting up to 12,000W MAX at 14V to 16V.

What else? They’re now smaller, more efficient, and insanely powerful. Plug them into virtually any battery and alternator setup, then get LOUD!

 Since the debut of the H-KO Series in 2021, we've welcomed some remarkable additions: The H-KO10, H-KO8, H-KO5, and H-KO340. In the past 6 months, we've even spiced things up with vibrant colors like red, black, titanium, and our exclusive Tenth Anniversary Gold! These amps aren't just for enthusiasts anymore — they're for any member of #TEAMDS18 ready to GET LOUD!


Enhancing Your Car Audio System with DS18 Hooligan Amplifiers

If you're serious about your upgrade, DS18’s H-KO Series is a good place to start, and the latest additions to the family seem perfect for the job:

DS18’s H-KO340 4-Channel Competition Class D Full-Range Amplifier

Introducing DS18’s H-KO340: this Korean-made beast is engineered for competition-level performance, with RMS ratings of 4 x 300W at 4 ohms, 4 x 550W at 2 ohms, and 2 x 1000W at 4 ohms bridged.

The H-KO340 guarantees safe operation AND massive power. We beefed up the protection circuitry and integrated LED indicators for enhanced visibility. With selectable X-Over, band-pass filtering, and a remote bass knob: the H-KO340 also offers Full Range Control!                          

DS18’s H-KO340 is the ultimate blend of Power and Clarity.

DS18’s H-KO5 1-Channel Monoblock Car Amplifier, Voltmeter, Clip Indicator 5000W RMS 1-Ohm Made In Korea

This Korean-made dynamo exceeds its MAX! EVERY session!

The H-KO5 also operates efficiently for consistent, long-lasting performance. Then there’s built-in volt and temperature meters, alongside a clip indicator: you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Its tough aluminum frame handles everyday use, and installing it is a breeze. Plus, with the customizable low-pass filter, you're in control of your sound, so you can get LOUD the way you want!

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just beginning your car audio journey, the H-KO5 sets the standard!

DS18’s H-KO8 1-Channel Monoblock Car Amplifier, Voltmeter, Clip Indicator 8000 Watts Rms 1-Ohm Made In Korea

DS18’s H-KO8 is the ULTIMATE choice for any HOOLIGAN’s setup.

Another underrated MAX power output of 8000W RMS at 1-Ohm, the H-KO8 could probably take on 8 subs. And probably run them all night long. With little to no distortion. And that’s all Advanced Class D Technology!

Even if it couldn’t: the built-in volt meter, temperature meter, and clip indicator, would give you a chance to stop it from getting damaged. This is probably the best way to GET LOUD!

DS18’s H-KO’s are the perfect choice. These amplifiers were crafted with the sharpest ears in mind.

Unleash the Power of Sound with DS18 Hooligan Amplifiers

DS18’s H-KO Amplifiers are a force to be reckoned with. Legendary status alone makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking for some juice.

So don't wait any longer. Upgrade with DS18's H-KO Series today!

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