DS18 Memorial Day Sale

DS18 Memorial Day 2022 | Honoring all who served.

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Memorial Day is hosted in remembrance of those men and women who sacrificed their comfort for the protection of our peace.
Our country owes our fallen heroes a debt that we could never repay. Each year we reflect on their lives and try to make sense of the sacrifice. Whether you place flowers on someone’s grave, or raise your flag, or even look at photos; the commemoration keeps their memory strong.
DS18 is proud to support and sponsor many events and organizations that donate portions of their proceeds to veteran supporting charities (Jeep Jam, Jeepin’ The Coast etc.).
The family at DS18 feels that we are forever indebted to our fallen heroes. Only the dead have seen the end of wars, and often it feels as if only they will. DS18 commemorates those who have fallen to make sure that their memories don’t die with them.
Enjoy your weekend, but please take the time to acknowledge what this holiday is truly about.
Warm wishes to you and your loved ones on Memorial Day. May the spirit and dedication of the nation’s warriors never be forgotten.

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