DS18 is Geared Up for President’s Day!

DS18 is Geared Up for President’s Day!

DS18 takes pride in their position as one of the most successful companies in America (as recognized by the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in our country). The privilege to expand our business limitlessly is one of the freedoms granted to us as American business owners. That freedom was built off the backs of our forefathers; the leaders of our country who helped make America what it has become today. That’s why it’s important to our team to honor President’s Day every year, and this year we’ve decided to celebrate with a 10% OFF SITEWIDE SALE!

We’ve introduced some LOUD new products and upgraded some of our community’s favorites to kick off our 10th anniversary! Let’s highlight some products to look out for during our 2023 President’s Day Sale!


Let’s start our list off with an upgraded new arrival!

DS18’s DDX10.5AD mech-less receiver takes everything our customers loved about the DDX6.9ML Double Din Multimedia Receiver but upgraded the screen from 6.9” to an incredible 10.5” and made it Single-DIN for Perfect Fit Modular Mounting!

This head-unit gives your vehicle access to endless amounts of multimedia including Mirror Link, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AUX, USB, SD, phone controls, and all your AM / FM stations: supported by the Flawless Touch Screen Control DS18 receivers are known for.

This receivers built in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) 8 Channel 6 Volt output allows you to tune signals from various inputs in conjunction with your Equalizer and get your speakers to play the way they were designed to: without distortion and extremely LOUD!

The DDX10.5AD’s built-in Digital Video Recorder built for the cameras installed in this receiver guarantees your safety and authority on the road.

This receiver does it all and has the power to support it: with 4CH x 18W RMS and 4CH x 54W MAX at 4 ohms you’ll have just enough power to charge most entry level speakers.


If you’re looking to boost the quality of your marine vehicle’s sound system then the NXL-X360.2D is the compact, waterproof amplifier for you.

The NXL series impressive power output is supplemented by its outstanding efficiency, and its durability in harsh conditions makes it a favorite among customers in need of a waterproof amplifier to be the powerhouse of their system.

The NXL-X360.2D comes in a 2-channel configuration making it great for powering one set of speakers or bridging the power to supercharge a subwoofer.

The high pass and low pass filters will help you tune your speaker choice accurately so you can obtain crystal clarity from low volume levels all the way to maximum for the ultimate audio experience.

All NXL units have stable and reliable 4-layer PCB layouts, IP67 waterproof rating for power sports, has an ultra-compact size for easy installation, and has audio precision quality control verification.

OCT Series

For the competitors in our community, there’s no better way to get your system in shape than our newest OCT series speaker!

Our latest octagonal midrange loudspeaker offers better frequency response than your usual round speakers and can reproduce frequencies as low as 80Hz and as high as 10KHz!

These speakers also help solidify your soundstage and increase the quality and feel of the sound coming from your system!

DS18’s OCT Series will give your show stopping system a cleaner look that can be easily organized for precise reproduction when you need it most!

Install these speakers into your sound system correctly and enjoy intense volume that never fades!


As of recently, DS18 has been dipping deep into the bike scene, and wanted to introduce a component sure to come handy in application of any Harley Davidson build!

Harley Davidson Touring Bike (2014 – present models) owners looking to upgrade their motorcycles sound system are sure to benefit from the handy application of the RY-HARNESS.HD.

This T-Harness kit has everything needed to integrate your aftermarket DS18 amplifier into your Harley Davidson’s factory radio. The High to Low Signal Converter with high-end load resistor this harness comes equipped with eliminates distortion for pure and pristine audio anywhere at any time. It even comes with high-quality RCA to block out all the noise distracting you from the perfection of professional audio.

Make your installation one hundred times easier with the RY-HARNESS.HD!

There’s so many products to pick from! Make sure you look through our catalog to find the ones that fit your build the best! Don’t miss out on our 2023 Presidents Day Sale if you’re looking to make your system extremely LOUD!

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